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5 Must Have Razer Gaming Accessories (2022)

Razer Gaming has always been one of the most popular brands among gamers. Razer is well-liked for a variety of factors, including its diverse selection of gaming-related products, distinctive design, and affordable prices. It makes no difference if your gaming setup has the quickest GPU or the flashiest RGB lighting. There is always room for improvement.  

1.The sleek Thunderbolt 4 Chroma aims to rid your desk of annoying wire tangles while still being rather powerful. The adaptable hub has backward compatibility, making it future-proof. You may purchase up to two 4K screens, and it supports both Windows and Mac computers.As you might expect, the tiny hub can enable any form of connection. You receive support for two 4K monitors on your PC, as well as incredibly quick data transfers. Thunderbolt 4 attracts attention with its flashing RGB lights in addition to its amazing versatility. 

2.A strong GPU is useless if your display isn’t just as powerful. The Raptor 27 monitor from Razer has a mind-blowing refresh rate of 165Hz and an immersive 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. You may plunge deeply into favourite RPGs and enjoy a better visual experience with Ultra Low Motion Blur. With its THX-certified display, the 27-inch gaming monitor offers an outstanding, premium performance. Raptor 27 is certain to satisfy all of your requirements and enhance your setup, whether you’re streaming, gaming, or viewing. In terms of the monitor’s appearance, you get a stylish, slim display that takes up less desk space. 

 3.Razer has the ideal mouse for any type of player, whether they like an action-packed first-person shooter or an exhilarating RPG. However, Razer’s DeathAdder V2 snatches some more attention due to its distinct ergonomics and affordable pricing. First off, the mouse boasts a straightforward yet clever design that works with most grips. It differs significantly from its most popular predecessor DeathAdder in a number of ways. The mouse’s 20,000 DPI sensors are dependable and have exceptional accuracy. Additionally, the 650 IPS just makes it quicker and more precise. You receive two additional right-click buttons that are conveniently placed and prevent inadvertent clicks. 

 4.You’ll need a good microphone properly if you’re into streaming. Of course, if you’re just starting out, your budget could be a little limited. Razer’s Seiren V2 Pro would be useful in such situation. The USB-mic is relatively portable while yet producing crystal-clear audio. The SuperCardioid pickup pattern of the 25mm condenser microphone is ideal for your streaming and video recording needs. You don’t have to worry about the background hum because the microphone has built-in noise reduction. Additionally, a shock mount is included to lessen vibrations. Controls on the Seiren V2 X mic are responsive and practical. The knob may be used to change the volume. 

 5.Of course, a nice set of headphones are necessary for any gaming setup. Additionally, Razer offers a significant selection of high-end gaming headphones. You may be familiar with Razer’s Kraken line if you’ve been playing video games for a while. Another instalment in the storied Kraken series is V3 Pro. To begin with, the pair has a function called HyperSense that places haptics in your ears. Your game sounds more realistic thanks to this aural improvement. Anywhere the low-latency USB can be plugged in, you can use wireless technology. Or you might decide to use the cord to connect the headphones. You can tell it’s a useful addition to your gaming setup because it features THX spatial audio and Chrome lighting. 

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