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A Quick Overview of Vultr Minecraft Server

Vultr is among the finest cloud hosting solutions available in the market today. Many gamers today host their Minecraft on Vultr servers. If you are a Minecraft gamer, you might have heard about Vultr Minecraft hosting. Vultr is a favourite choice of many gamers when it comes to hosting Minecraft servers.

But the question here is – should you host your own dedicated Minecraft server from Vultr? In today’s blog, we’ll learn every crucial detail about Vultr Minecraft server hosting. Also, we will understand what exactly Vultr is, and if it’s worth hosting Minecraft through its servers. Without making you wait, let’s jump straight to our first topic.

Brief About Vultr

For every gamer, the ‘cloud’ is an integral part of their gaming. Without the cloud, it is hard to imagine hassle-free online gaming. However, there are so many gamers, especially Minecraft players, who don’t know how to use the same to enhance their gaming experience. With 141 million players worldwide, Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Gamers can launch their dedicated servers and play Minecraft without server failures. But how can you launch Minecraft server hosting? Simply through Vultur.

Vultr is a cloud server hosting solution which was launched in 2014. It’s owned and operated by a company named Choopa. If you are looking for Dedicated servers for games like Minecraft, Vultr offers innovative and best storage solutions. When it comes to superior hosting services at economic prices, Vultr is a popular choice. In addition to being economic, their servers provide the highest performance and they are easy to install.

High Efficient Features of Vultr You Must Know About

Vultr is known for its wide range of efficient features. They are the reason why gamers love to launch their Minecraft server via Vultr. Let’s talk about some of the key features of Vultr Minecraft server hosting:

● Multiple Operating Systems

To satisfy the increasing number of customers, Vultr offers a variety of operating systems. Thanks to Windows and Linux distributions, the most popular options, users can pick the most suitable ones.

● Snapshots

Have you worked in the IT field? Even if you haven’t, chances are you already know about Ghost Window. Most Minecraft gamers are aware of it. The Snapshots offered by Vultr are similar to Ghost Window. However, its server backup will cost you $0.

● Frequent Backups

Backups are another important attribute that Vultr has paid proper attention to. Only for $1, users can comfortably play Minecraft on their hosted server using VPS. The last thing you need to worry about is data loss.

● Wide Range of Data Centres

Vultr has a total of 16 data centres that are spread across various continents such as Asia, North America and Europe. With Vultr, you have the option to launch your Minecraft Vultr servers across popular network countries.

● Advanced Dashboard

Vultr offers a feature-rich Dashboard which is easy to use, giving you full control over your hostings. It has every parameter and function you might need for managing and Vultr Minecraft hosting.

There are many more features that Vultr offers. To enjoy them and launch your personal Minecraft server hassle-free, you need to try Vultr. You might have this question in mind “is it really simple to launch Minecraft server Vultr?”. Let’s find out!

Creating Minecraft Server on Vultr

Many gamers have this misconception that it’s tough to launch a Minecraft server on Vultr. But to be honest, it’s not. If you are new to Vultr and have no idea how to launch your first Minecraft server, we’re here to help you. Simply follow the steps given below and your Minecraft server Vultr will be successfully launched:

  1. Open the Vultr website and login into your accounts
  2. Once done, go to your dashboard and then plus on the + (PLUS) button. You will find it in the top right.
  3. Now select the region where you want to host your Minecraft Vultr Choose the closest option to your location.
  4. Scroll down to the “SERVER TYPE” section. When you find it, click on “APPLICATION”.
  5. The list of hosting options will appear in front of you.
  6. Now scroll down the options and look for “Minecraft”.
  7. When you click on it, the list of plans will appear.
  8. Select a plan for your server and scroll down to the “DEPLOY” button.
  9. Click on the “DEPLOY” button and wait for the loading to finish.
  10. It will take just a few minutes to set up the server and you will be ready to play Minecraft.

So these are the steps to launch the Vultr Minecraft server. It won’t even take you more than 10 minutes to host your new server. The process is super easy, thanks to the clean navigation that Vultr offers. But before you launch your dedicated Minecraft server, you might want to ensure if it’s even worth it. Keep scrolling to learn that!

Is Hosting Minecraft on Vultr Servers Worth it?

There are so many server hosting providers in the market. Vultr is among them. After researching and trying out multiple top hosting solutions, we have concluded that Vultr is probably the best in the market. There are a large number of Minecraft players who have been using it for a while. Vultr strikes a perfect balance between performance and ease of use.

While it’s incredibly easy to set up a Minecraft server, there is no one-click process to set up servers for Paper, Spigot and so on. However, the plus side is, Vultr does provide an interesting knowledge base which is full of interesting and easy-to-follow guides for running Minecraft servers. You can follow their information-rich guides and set up PufferPanel.

The PufferPanel will support Forge, Sponge and other complex servers instantly. When we talk about the hardware requirements, Vultr runs exclusively on Intel CPUs. In the Cloud computing plans, users can use Xeon processors of 3 GHz. Moreover, Vultr also offers DDoS protection, however, only in certain locations. Rest, everything about Vultr is wonderful and it’s definitely worth your money and time.

Final Words

To conclude, Vultr is the best Minecraft server hosting platform on the internet. It offers some exceptionally wonderful features that make Minecraft server hosting a super simple process. In addition, it’s affordable compared to other options available in the market.

The content proves how authentic and reliable Vultr is and therefore you should not second guess your decision to try it. If you find today’s Vultr guide helpful, make sure you share it with your fellow Minecraft gamers. Let them know there’s an easy way to launch dedicated Minecraft servers.

Minecraft is a well-known gaming platform with several games developed by the company and gamers. Minecraft players use exclusive Minecraft servers to play the games with their friends, join new games, and enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

Vultr is one of the popular cloud servers used by Minecraft players. Founded in 2014 by Choopa, the service provider says their aim is to simplify the use of the cloud. Online gaming requires a lot of resources. It’s no surprise that gamers rely on cloud hosting for a better experience.

Let’s determine if the Vultr Minecraft server is a worthy choice. Here’s what the Dhymi Digital team has to say about it.

Efficiency and economy are the key focus of Vultr. The service provider offers enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for budget-friendly prices.

Features and Highlights of Vultr Minecraft Server

  • 100% Uptime 

Isn’t this what gamers demand from servers? Vultr has become one of the best service providers for ensuring that the server is always available. In fact, the company adds credit to customers’ accounts if the uptime falls below their guaranteed services. While a few issues are common, we can’t complain about the servers’ performance.

  • Range of Services 

Vultr sticks to its word of offering services for general and large-scale users. The company has a wide range of plans in each category. This allows all kinds of customers to use its services without worrying about their budget.

  • Clean and Useful Dashboard 

You have full control over your account and servers. Access all features from the dashboard and keep track of the speed, performance, usage, etc. You can choose where to deploy your virtual server, the type of operating system (with an option to add your choice if it’s not available), and install apps. Everything is at your fingertips.

Things That Could be Better 

Of course, Vultr Minecraft Server is not perfect. It is not a great choice for beginners (it’s too complicated), and customer services could be more efficient.


The lowest price is $2.50/ month for one vCPU with 0.5GB memory, 0.50TB bandwidth, and 10GB storage. This is for regular performance.

In the high-performing range, the lowest price starts at $6/ month for one vCPU with 1GB memory, 2TB bandwidth, and 25GB storage. The pricing is the same for AMD and Intel CPUs.

Vultr offers dedicated cloud hosting services based on various parameters. You can choose between general use and specially optimized memory/ storage/ CPU.

You can even use the cloud GPU services offered by Vultr Minecraft server hosting provider. The pricing starts at $90/ month. Vultr Kubernetes Engine, databases, load balancers, cloud storage, etc., are services offered by the company.

To summarize, go ahead and try Vultr for dedicated Minecraft server hosting services.

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