Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft requires more resources as more players join your game. You should choose the fast and best Minecraft hosting server to make the most of the game. The Dhymi Digital team has created a quick post to help you find the best paid and free servers for Minecraft.

How to Create a Minecraft Server

  • Creating a Minecraft server allows you to play with your friends and keep the server private to avoid unwanted entries.
  • Use the latest version of Java on your computer (Minecraft is a Java-based game).
  • Download the minecraft_server.jar file from the official website and install it.
  • Save it as a batch file to run the server. Don’t forget to remove the .txt extension at the end. Change the file name to run.bat.
  • Agree to the T&C of the license agreement and launch the server.
  • Join the server and then add your name to the server details.
  • Find your router port and adjust the settings to allow other players to join the server.
  • Find the external IP of your device and connect to your server in Minecraft.

Fluctis Hosting Review

Fluctis hosting has been a leader in Minecraft server hosting for years for its seamless interface and extensive features. It has server locations in different continents and offers flexible plans based on your needs. The company’s customer support is one of the best. The pricing starts at $3.49/ month for 1GB RAM. All plans allow unlimited players.

GGServers Minecraft Review

GGServers has powerful processors and one-click installation. It is an economical option with 24*7 customer support for standard and premium plans. It has a 24-hour money-back guarantee. The prices start at $3/ month for 12 players and 1024MB RAM. The subdomains are free to use.

RAMShard Hosting Review

RAMShard Minecraft server hosting services are of premium quality. This is your best option for unlimited storage, disc space, and player slots. The prices start as low as $3/ month for 1024MB RAM. All price plans allow unlimited players on the server. The company also offers a free MySQL database, one-click plug-in installation, and full access to FTP.

GPORTAL Minecraft Server Review

It offers an instant setup and budget-friendly prices. This server is one of the easiest Minecraft server hosting options to try. It is a RAM-based model with dynamic adjustment features, 250+ mods, custom jars, live customer support, and more. The prices start at $2/ month for 2GB RAM.

Bisect Hosting Review 

Bisect hosting is the best for newbies as doesn’t have any complex features. It offers unlimited SSD space, a drag-and-drop field manager, access to FTP client files, DDOS protection, and much more. The Minecraft server hosting price starts at $2.99/ month for 12 players and 1024MB RAM. The bisect hosting refund policy offers a full refund within 3 days of the purchase date.

PebbleHost Review 

PebbleHost offers pocket-friendly Minecraft server hosting services for unlimited players. It has 100% uptime and 480Gbps DDOS protection. The company also has built-in firewall management and a free subdomain creator. the prices start at $2.25/ month for 1GB RAM.

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