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Best Wireless Gaming Mice and Gaming Mouse Pad for Gamers

Hello Game Lovers! We know, no one like interruption while playing a game. Whether it is a long wired keyboard, wired mouse, and worst gliding mouse pads, these all annoy you and distract you from focusing on the game. But if you choose perfect wireless and wired gaming mice, they can give you the utmost playing experience on the screen without any distraction.

Some gamers prefer to use the best wireless mouse gaming with a laptop or PC, but it’s hard to beat a wired mouse experience. But if you have ever used Logitech gaming mice & Logitech gaming mouse pad, then you must have experienced a nice playing time.

However, if you haven’t got the chance yet to use the logitech best gaming mouse and mouse pads, then here we are mentioning the most popular wireless Logitech gaming mice.

Now, you will ask, why Logitech!

Well! Logitech is a well-known brand for its computer mice and keyboards, but they also manufacture a line of popular wireless gaming mice and mouse pads. Logitech set out to solve a key problem with wireless Logitech gaming mice: they tend to be fiddly. 

They started with placing the mouse sensors under a rubber bumper to increase grip but opted for a different idea after doing some research that suggested four important factors in mice: size, shape, force, and lift-off.

Logitech’s gaming mouse pad targets gamers, which means it is created with the gamers in mind. This is just another example of how planners will have to change how they think about marketing messages moving forward. They do consider more than just the profile and interests of the target market to provide the Logitech best wireless gaming mice and a gaming mouse pad.

5 Best Wireless Gaming Mice and Logitech Gaming Mouse Pad for Gamers

1] Logitech G502 HERO 

Having this one product will enhance your gaming experience to a new level. Its weight variation into five different modes helps it to customize it according to the user’s need. The given 11 programmable buttons make this gaming mouse stand out from the Logitech collection because it allows you to customize the controls for quickly accessing the programs.

Quick Features

  • With LIGHTSYNC technology and RGB lighting, it enables you to choose from approximately 16.5 million colors.
  • The product has 11 programmable buttons and dual sync highly sensitive wheel to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Its DPI range and HERO optical sensor help you to achieve great accuracy.


  • It is the newest model in the Proteus spectrum range. 
  • It consists of HERO optical sensor with a maximum DPI range (up to 16000). 
  • Despite heaviness, it moves smoothly.
  • It has a flawless scrolling wheel with RGB lighting.


  • Its bulkiness does not provide the finest grip during gaming.
  • Additional buttons are more prone to accidents.
  • The update is disappointing than its precedents.

Technical specifications

The dimensions of Logitech G502 HERO are 75mm in width, 40mm in height, depth is 132mm. its weight is 121g. it is a wired mouse with cable length 2.1m. it comes with 2 years warranty.

System requirement

Logitech G502 HERO works finely with both Microsoft and IOS. It best works with windows 7 & above and for IOS 10.11 or above. The computer must have a USB port. It gives access to Logitech GHUB with an internet connection.

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2] Logitech G Pro X Superlight 

If you are looking for the ultra-light weighted best wireless mouse gaming then Logitech G Pro X is the best option. The mouse weighs only 63 grams that are enabled with Logitech’s superlight technology and HERO 25K sensor.

Quick Features

  • It is super light in weight, weighing just 63 g. 
  • In collaboration with esports pros, Logitech G Pro X Superlight is enabled with the lightest weighted wireless mouse in one of the best wireless gaming mice.
  • It comes with in-build HERO 25K sensor that gives great accuracy while gaming.


  • It is extremely light in weight.
  • It comes with HERO 25K sensor that achieves precise accuracy.
  • With a smooth and sleek design, additional feet and grip make it easier to use.
  • The battery light is extremely good (up to 70 hours).


  • Due to its size, it is hard to get a grip on buttons while gaming.
  • It is similar in the features to G Pro wireless.
  • It is expensive than in comparison spot
  • The scrolling wheel of Logitech G Pro X Superlight is slightly finicky in use.

Technical Specifications

Logitech G Pro X Superlight weighs just 63g with dimensions of 63.5mm in width, 40mm in depth, and 125mm in height. It comes with a single battery with approximately 70 hours of backup. It is compatible with POWERPLAY with a HERO sensor.

System Specifications

Logitech G Pro X Superlight works with both Microsoft and IOS with window 8/above and IOS 10.11/above. The computer must have a USB port to connect with a wireless mouse.

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3] Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC RGB 6 

It is a wired mouse among the many wireless and wired gaming mice. It comes with LIGHTSYNC technology, a gaming-grade sensor, and 6 button classic design. The Logitech G102 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome operating systems. The best part of logitech best gaming mouse is this, it looks stunning while changing the flash colors with sound beats.

Quick Features

  • This gaming mouse comes with RGB lighting technology that enables a user to play with the color setup while gaming.
  • It is designed to give an effortless gaming experience with its classic 6 buttoned design.
  • The sensor’s sensitivity can be customized with Logitech G Hub software.
  • Its primary button has mechanical support with a highly tensioned spring.


  • It has fully customizable programs with its 6 buttons.
  • It is light in weight with LIGHTSYNC RGB.


  • Its DPI could have been higher than 8000 dpi
  • It needed more programmable buttons.

Technical Specifications

 The dimensions of this mouse are 62.15 in width, 38.2mm in depth, and 116.6mm in height. It weighs 85g. it has a cable net measuring 2.1m. 

System specifications

It works with both IOS and Microsoft windows. Windows should be 7 or above and IOS should be 10.11 and above.

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4] Gaming Mouse Pad – Cloth Surface G240 – Logitech (Logitech.com)

Cloth surface G240 is one of the best Logitech gaming mousepads to give a better grip on the table or other surfaces. The clothed surface gaming mouse pad is synchronized with G sensors that can be rolled up without any problem to carry anywhere.  

Quick Features

  • It is designed with the right amount of friction that helps in sudden start/stop moments with extra sensitive sensors while gaming.
  • It is designed for G sensors with consistent surface texture.
  • Moreover, It comes with a rubber base that stops the mouse pad from moving while operating a mouse


  • Gaming mouse pad G240 has a thin design.
  • Though thin, it comes with a good quality rubber base with moderate friction.
  • Due to its sleek design, one can just roll it and carry it while traveling.


  • Its cloth surface may be soaked up if any liquid is spilled. 
  • It may be overpriced as one can get it free with another purchase.

Technical Specifications

This gaming mouse pad comes with a classic size of 280mm in height, 340mm in width, and 1mm in thickness. Its weight is approximately 90g with a one-year warranty.

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5] Gaming Mouse Pad – Hard Surface – G440 – Logitech (Logitechg.com)

Logitech G440 is a hard-surfaced gaming mouse pad for a high DPI gaming experience. The stable rubber base at the back gives the best gliding of your mouse without moving the mouse pad. This Logitech gaming mouse pad is designed with 3 layers of durable material to give a low friction surface to easily glide your mouse, and a rubber base to fix the pad at a place for no distraction from your game control.

Quick Features

  • G440 is made of a PVC rubber with ultra-low surfaced friction that is ideal for high DPT gamers.
  • It is perfect for subtle hand movements while gaming.
  • Due to its PVC rubber base, a mouse can be navigated with minimal force. 
  • With its firm base, stability is achieved because of its firmness.


  • It gives good tracking with its clean texture.
  • Its smooth PVC rubber material gives low friction while moving a mouse.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It comes only in one colour, hence no colour choice.
  • Due to its sharp curvatures, it makes the mouse moving slightly uncomfortable.
  • It is expensive in comparison with other gaming pads.

Technical specifications

The total weight of this best Logitech gaming mice pad is 229 grams only. Whereas the height, width, and depth are 280 MM, 340 MM, and 3 MM respectively.

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Final Thoughts

If you love playing games and want to enjoy your favourite games without any inconvenience, then having a nice keyboard, gaming mouse and smooth gliding mouse pad are must-have computer accessories. Now we have shared all the details about the superior Logitech’s gaming mice and mouse pad, so it’s your turn to find the best product and make your gaming more thrilling.

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