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Big Cartel Review – The Best You Can Find on The Internet

Do you know Big Cartel powers more than 154k ecommerce stores on the web?

If you are a merchant planning to target the ecommerce market, building an ecommerce store is the first step. Big Cartel is considered among the best ecommerce store builders on the internet today. It empowers businesses with advanced capabilities to publish and sell products/services online.

But since we are talking about an investment in your business, getting a sense of security is essential. Are you sure about choosing the Big Cartel website builder for your ecommerce store? If you are still in a dilemma, today’s blog will give you clarity. Keep scrolling to explore an in-depth review of Big Cartel.

What is The Big Cartel?

To establish your brand in the ecommerce market, you would need an ecommerce store. An ecommerce store can be created using an online store creation platform. Big Cartel is one such platform you can use to build your first brand store on the web. This platform lets you add services and products, run promotions, and access payments. For businesses that are beginners to ecommerce, Big Cartel is considered an ideal ecommerce platform.

Big Cartel has multiple plans, which you can choose in order to enjoy its exceptional services and features. The best part about Big Cartel is that they offer a free plan. It allows you to try the platform explicitly before investing in the Big Cartel gold plan. Moreover, with its free plan, you can access a wide range of essential tools to create and run your first online store. This platform is suitable for everyone, however, it’s considered perfect for startups.

One essential requirement for any brand or professional getting into ecommerce is working with a straightforward platform. Big Cartel fulfills that requirement very well. It’s a user-friendly platform best for creatives who wish to commercialize their artwork without going through a complex website creation process. There’s nothing wrong in saying that BigCartel free website is an all-in-one platform for various ecommerce needs. From creating and managing a store to operating and growing it – Big Cartel supports diverse ecommerce needs.

Features of Big Cartel

Big Cartel is undoubtedly among the finest ecommerce platforms for creating online stores. What makes it best for businesses is its exceptionally designed features. Here are some key features of the BigCartel online store that you should know about:

#1 Order Management

Big Cartel will help you get more clients by building attractive online stores. In addition to that, it will also help you manage orders. To satisfy customers, you need to fulfill their orders on time. BigCartel online store offers an exclusive range of management features you can use to manage your order effectively. The waiting time for your customers will be reduced extensively.

#2 Inventory Tracking

If you deal in physical products, you need to ensure that inventories are managed properly. With Big Cartel website builder, inventory management becomes a straightforward and simple job. It eliminates the need for investing in dedicated inventory management software. Instead, you can use its inbuilt features to manage your resources and stock in the most time-efficient way.

#3 Digital Products

Can you sell digital products on Big Cartel? Yes, you can create an engaging ecommerce store exclusive to your digital products. Users can easily add and launch unlimited digital products in your store thanks to Big Cartel’s extensive support. Moreover, the platform also supports the effective management of products, which is a plus point. So if you plan to launch digital products, Big Cartel is exactly what you need.

#4 Statistics

Creating and launching your online store isn’t enough to grow your business on the web in the long run. For that, you would need to understand the market, your audience, and the performance of your store. Luckily, you can get all these details right on your Big Cartel dashboard. BigCartel online store offers reliable statistics of your online store, which you can use to improve its performance.

#5 Sell on Multiple Platforms

You aren’t limited to selling on search engines only. With Big Cartel, you can collaborate with multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, and sell your products and services. Moreover, Big Cartel’s multi-platform support also helps you target the audience on a large scale. This improves your lead generation and, thus, the overall business revenues.

So these were some of the key features of BigCartel online store. Now it’s time for us to cover the most important topic of today’s review, which is the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. Let’s explore them!

Pros & Cons of Big Cartel

Before investing into any platform, it’s important to have an idea of its pros and cons. So when it comes to the BigCartel online store, we cannot miss exploring the same. Here are the major pros and cons of using Big Cartel in the long run:

Pros of Using Big Cartel

  • The platform is easy to use and comes with straightforward navigation.
  • It’s the most affordable platform for online store creation. The best part, it has a free plan.
  • Big Cartel offers exclusive discounts every then and now to help you save money on premium plans.
  • Users can sell their products and services on multiple social media platforms thanks to Big Cartel’s multi-channel support.
  • It offers integration with Google Analytics, providing exclusive insights about the store and its performance.
  • Unlike many platforms, Big Cartel fees don’t include any transaction fees but only processing fees.
  • You can enjoy a wide range of expert-designed free Big Cartel themes and templates to give your store an attractive appearance.

Cons of Using Big Cartel

  • With the free plan, you can only add a few restricted numbers of products.
  • There are no advanced customization options, and sales features are basic.
  • For payment processing, you can only use PayPal or Stripe, which isn’t a small limitation.
  • Although there are many useful extension, but most of them are basic compared to what major platforms offer.
  • Big Cartel customer service isn’t good enough. There’s no 24/7 support, no live chat, and no phone support.

When deciding whether to invest in Big Cartel or not, make sure to consider these pros and cons. Talking about making a choice, you can only make the right one when your choice is compared with the best one. Let’s compare Big Cartel with a renowned platform!

Shopify VS Big Cartel

Shopify is another well-known and commonly used platform for online store creation. You might have already heard about it a lot. Even though Shopify and Big Cartel, both of them are used for the same thing, they both are entirely distinct. If you are a beginner, we would definitely recommend you Big Cartel.

The least you have to worry about with it is the complex store creation process. However, if you are already an established online brand and shifting from one platform to another, Shopify is a better option. It has a large number of features and is in some ways better than what BigCartel online store offers.

But then again, Big Cartel was designed to promote convenience to beginners when creating an online store. While you might feel overwhelmed with the advanced UX and UI of Shopify, in the starting, you will feel convenience from start to end with Big Cartel. So if you are someone who wants zero inconvenience throughout your store creation process, Big Cartel is best for you.

Final Words

Whenever it’s about creating an ecommerce store, Big Cartel comes in many brand lists of favorites. It’s best for beginners or startups stepping into the ecommerce market for the first time.

BigCartel online store is a simple, clean, and easy-to-use platform with a significant focus on user convenience. We hope this review helped you make a clear decision about Big Cartel. Also, if you enjoyed reading this blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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