How Do I Upgrade The Ram On The Razer Blade In 2022

If you look up online, you will find numerous websites on the internet that provide an entire host of razer products with the razer laptop price in the USA, the best razer gaming mouse, and razer gaming headphones as well as recommend you paid up-gradation services that are compatible with your Razer machine to achieve better performance and speed including a lifetime warranty.

These services are useful if you don’t feel comfortable with the manual up-gradation process mentioned in the following paragraphs. And it is always better to visit experts. But if you are planning to do it yourself, then follow the below-mentioned guide carefully, it’s not that difficult.

Prior to beginning the up-gradation process, a few important things must be taken care of.

First and foremost, find a smooth surface with proper grounding and place your razer blade on top of that. If the razer gaming headphones and your best razer gaming mouse or other accessories are plugged into your razer laptop, then unplug them. Every razer blade has its own unique specification, do check the specs, especially for compatibility and supported upgrades on your device.

At the time of purchase, you might be provided the warranty policy with the payment receipt containing the razer laptop price in the USA, do review them prior to the upgrades. Other than that, we need tools such as a T5 Screwdriver to dismantle the bottom half of the razer blade and a compatible memory module.

The step-by-step process of upgrading the RAM of your Razer Blade.

Shut down the razer blade device, and power off the entire system. Disconnect the device from all types of connections such as the internet and devices such as razer gaming headphones and the best razer gaming mouse, including the power adapter. Ensure that the data is saved and all programs are properly closed prior to shutting down your device.

Next, flip the powered-off devices over the flat smooth surface. Carefully, without exerting too much force, unscrew the T5 screws while properly holding the bottom half surface. Pry the bottom-half surface until it clicks off. You will find the RAM slot at the bottom center of the motherboard under a ribbon tape. In order to reveal the socket and unlock metal brackets, tug the two pieces of tape holding the ribbon tape down.

Insert the RAM at an angle and reconnect the ribbon tape. After setting things properly, screw back the bottom surface properly. Start off the razer blade. Check if the Microsoft windows boots on perfectly, hopefully, there shouldn’t be an issue. Visit the “settings”, go to “Update and security”, click on “Check for updates”, and download and install all the available software updates.

Go through all your data and documents stored on your devices. Plug your best razer gaming mouse and the razer gaming headphones to check if all your device is working properly. In the end, visit the “System” setting and check the installed RAM information – must have the upgraded version.


The above section consists of a comprehensive breakdown of all the steps and procedures involved in the up-gradation process of RAM in the razer blade. Hopefully, this guide has equipped you with all the information required to upgrade the RAM of your Razer Blade. The best part is that this guide caters to different types of gamers and individuals with different device specifications.

If you’re planning to build a full-fledged gaming studio setup, other than checking the razer laptop price in USA and purchasing one, you must also have the best razer gaming mouse and the best razer gaming headphones in your arsenal. Keep your Razer device setup upgraded to stay at the top of your game. Want to know more, then refer to other resourceful articles on Dhymidigital.com.

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