Logitech G502 Hero vs G502 Proteus Spectrum Which Is Good for Gamers

Logitech G502 Hero vs G502 Proteus Spectrum Which Is Good for Gamers

Both Logitech G502 Hero and G502 Proteus Spectrum have been popular mouses among gamers, and most of it depends on the mouse’s build quality. Among the series of G502, various other mouse models have been launched in the past few years. The most popular amongst them was G502 Hero. The community has loved this model and it is also claimed as one of the best Logitech mouse in the market.   

The G502 Proteus Spectrum launched just a few years ago, and it was pretty successful before the release of the G502 Hero in 2016. This series has been very successful and has a whole range further released of the same brand. Hence, let’s see the significant differences between Logitech G502 Hero and G502 Proteus Spectrum and which one you should choose for greater efficiency per your needs and preferences.  

Significant Differences Between Logitech G502 and G502 Proteus Spectrum  

The G502 Hero’s upgraded sensor, as opposed to the Proteus Spectrum’s older, less sensitive sensor, is the primary distinction between the two Logitech mouse. They are nearly identical to one another other from this. The essential thing to keep in mind is that when in use, the Logitech G502 grams are also slightly more sensitive than the Proteus Spectrum. The Hero still has a sturdy structure, but you’ll need to be more careful with it.  

However, having a more potent sensor on a wired mouse won’t make much difference. Don’t go out of your way and spend a lot more if the Hero is significantly more expensive, even though it would undoubtedly be the superior option for most people. The cables that the two mouse uses are also different. Again, there is a difference because the cable is significantly thinner than the previous generation, but it is not noticeable.   

In addition, Logitech claims that its Hero should survive up to 50 million clicks, indicating that it will also live longer. If you use your mouse every day, this will probably translate to more than 20 years. Out of all of Logitech’s gaming mouse, The Hero has been one of the best-selling models, and there’s a solid reason for it. It is among the most trustworthy of all of them, and also Logitech G502 proteus spectrum price is quite reasonable. The sensor is the primary difference between it and the Proteus Spectrum, which is newer. This sensor, which is far more sophisticated than the one the Spectrum previously used, has been hailed by Logitech as their best of all.  

Features of Logitech G502 Hero and G502 Proteus Spectrum:  

Logitech G502 Hero   

  • You can boost the sensitivity of this mouse from 16,000 DPI up to 25,600 DPI by utilizing the Logitech software. Your mouse will become quite sensitive as a result.  
  • The Hero features weights that you may add to it to make the mouse heavier or lighter according to your preferences.  
  • Of all the gaming mouse in this price range, it features the most programmable buttons, allowing you to modify 11 of them to suit your preferences.  

G502 Proteus Spectrum  

  • For those seeking the best, this mouse is also incredibly responsive and delicate.  
  • The Chroma RBG lighting is effortless to install and configure, and you can match it to the rest of your gaming setup.  
  • It features 11 programmable buttons, the same as the Hero; however, some aren’t in the optimal spots to make the most of this.  

Logitech Best Gaming Mouse: G502 Hero vs. G502 Proteus Spectrum 

Logitech is a reputed computer hardware manufacturer in the industry. From computer screens to CPUs and mice, Logitech has a range of components at different price levels. The brand is also known for manufacturing gaming hardware. G502 Hero and G502 Proteus Spectrum are two famous gaming mouse models offered by the manufacturer.

Let’s check the Dhymi Digital team’s comparison of the gaming mouse models and determine the best option for gamers.

Logitech G502 Hero 

G502 Hero was released a few years after G502 Proteus Spectrum. The entire G502 line has been successful in the market. G502 Hero has an upgraded sensor and looks a little more studier. The manufacturer says that the mouse can handle 50 million clicks and has a long life.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum 

G502 Proteus Spectrum might be an older version but is still a favorite among gamers. The mouse is responsive and has chroma RBG lighting that allows you to change its colors to suit the gaming setup.

G502 Hero vs. G502 Proteus Spectrum

  • Size and Specifications 

G502 Hero vs G502 Proteus Spectrum look similar in design and have the same dimensions. They even weigh the same (4.3 oz). But the biggest advantage is the ability to remove the weights. Gamers can turn the mouse into a lightweight model or add more weight to make it heavy and sturdy.

The models are available in black color and have an optical sensor. The sensor in Hero is the latest Hero Optical, while Proteus Spectrum has the traditional Logitech software.

G502 Hero is more precise with 16000 dpi compared to G502 Proteus Spectrum with 12000 dpi. While Hero is completely made of plastic, Proteus Spectrum has additional rubber side grips to provide a better grip and control when using the mouse.

  • Connections 

Both G502 models are wired. That said, Hero has a longer cord (7 feet) than Proteus Spectrum (6 feet). It also comes with a better-braided cable that looks more durable. Neither model has a cordless option. Nevertheless, they are easy to connect and pair with any gaming computer. The models catch every signal. Each of them has 11 buttons which can be customized to suit your gaming style.

  • Additional Features 

Hero has features like a 16k sensor, lightsync RBG, and tunable weight. Proteus Spectrum’s Logitech software is easy to program and customize. The dpi can be adjusted between 200 and 12000. Finally, Proteus Spectrum has tunable weight and balance.

To summarize, G502 Hero and G502 Proteus Spectrum are user-friendly, efficient, and dependable. The ultimate choice for the Logitech best gaming mouse depends on your preferences and requirements.

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Both the mouses are best in their own way. You can pick the winner out of these mouses. The features mentioned above give a detailed insight on both the mouses, which will benefit differently based on the individual’s preferences. Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. To read the best blogs on technology, you can refer to the other blogs written by us.

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