Razor Blade 15 vs. Alienware x15 R2

Razer Blade 15 (2022) vs Alienware x15 R2 Which is better laptop for gaming?

A new range of gaming notebooks entered the market shortly after Intel’s new 12th-generation Alder Lake mobile CPUs were introduced. One of the first companies to release new gaming laptops using the latest Intel chips was Razer, followed by Dell. In this blog, we will compare the Razor Blade 15 vs. Alienware x15 R2 for determining the superior gaming laptop to purchase in 2022.  

These devices are fully equipped with some of the most excellent internals available for gaming laptops today. Before getting to know the laptops’ display, design, ports, and other features, we will be taking a close look at the specifications table.  

The specifications of the two laptops are nearly identical. Both can be equipped with the new Alder Lake H-series processor from Intel and the RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards from Nvidia. It’s safe to claim that both laptops can run contemporary games without problems. Let’s examine the specifications in more detail to discover what additional distinctions each brings to the table. In order to determine which, one will be added to our list of the best 15-inch gaming laptops, let’s compare them right away.  

Robust and high-performing gaming machines.  

The Razer Blade 15 vs. Alienware x15 R2 gaming laptops are powered by Intel’s brand-new 12th generation Alder Lake mobile CPUs. These computers include Alder Lake H-series processors and high-performance gaming notebooks. The new hybrid Intel architecture with greater performance and efficiency cores is present in these new 12th-generation CPUs. To get an idea of the performance level you may expect from this CPU, check our evaluation of the Intel Core i9-12900HK. 

Since the Core i9 models in both notebooks can reach a peak frequency of up to 5GHz, they will undoubtedly be more powerful. Intel claims that the new Core i9 mobile chip is about 30% faster than the outgoing Core i9-11980HK processor, while we haven’t been able to test these devices side by side for comparison. You may read our share of review of the Intel Core i9-12900HK to get a sense of the performance level you can anticipate from this CPU.  

Increased refresh rate or high-definition display?  

These two computers’ displays are remarkably similar to one another. Both laptops come with 15.6-inch panels as standard, but you can select from various resolutions. Display options for the Razer Blade 15 include FHD, QHD, and UHD resolutions with refresh rates of 360Hz, 240Hz, and 144Hz, respectively. The Alienware x15 R2 is only available from Dell with an FHD or a QHD panel. The FHD panel allows 360Hz or 165Hz, while the QHD panel is fixed at 240Hz. Regarding display options, the Razer Blade 15 is unquestionably the best option. You might want to consider using the UHD panel option since it’s also excellent for content producers.  

The screens of these two PCs look remarkably similar to one another. The 15.6-inch displays on both laptops are standard, but you can choose from various resolutions. FHD, QHD, and UHD resolutions with refresh rates of 360Hz, 240Hz, and 144Hz, respectively, are available for the Razer Blade 15’s display options. However, Dell is the only retailer offering the Alienware x15 R2 with an FHD or QHD panel. While the QHD panel’s refresh rate is fixed at 240Hz, the FHD screen allows you to choose 360Hz or 165Hz. The Razor Blade 15 and Alienware x15 R2 is, without a doubt, the most outstanding display option available. The UHD panel option would be worth considering since it’s also great for content creators.  

The build quality is compact and light.  

The Razer Blade 15 offers, in our opinion, a little more polished appearance when it comes to appearance. It’s still a powerful gaming system, but Razer has always produced products with simple, elegant aesthetics. The new Alienware x15 R2 maintains many aesthetics of gaming with sharp edges and RGB lighting, even though it aesthetically looks better than some of the hefty Alienware notebooks we have previously observed. The Razer Blade 15 is similar in thickness to the Alienware x15 R2, in addition to being lighter and smaller than it. 

Both computers include a right keyboard with per-key RGB lighting, but the keyboard deck of the Alienware X15 also features top-facing speakers and several vents near the Alienware logo. On the other hand, the keyboard deck on the Razer Blade 15 is extremely basic and only includes speakers that face the front. Although the design is arbitrary, we believe the Razer Blade 15 has a more understated appearance and doesn’t come across as an overtly garish gaming laptop. It’s one of those gadgets you can easily carry to a business meeting and feel entirely at ease. The Alienware x15 R2 also has an excellent appearance. Over the past few years, this device has seen numerous changes, and we particularly enjoy how these new Alienware laptops look.


No matter whichever laptop you choose, you will get an amazing gaming performance experience. These two laptops have some robust internal built-in quality. Before purchasing any gaming laptop, it is essential to know its specifications and performance. If you are going to purchase a gaming laptop, buy it at the best razer laptop price in USA, and grab Alienware x15 R2 from the best dealers out there at the best price. For further insights on such topics, read blogs from Dhymidigital.

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