Razer Cortex Review

Razer Cortex is a software-based optimizer program from the famous Razer gaming hardware producer. Although the software is designed to improve the gaming experience by tailoring the process to perform even the heaviest games seamlessly if the player is well known how to use razer cortex. In this razer cortex review, we are going to discuss everything related to it in detail. So, read this article till the end to decide whether to use Razer Cortex or not.

Razer Cortex offers several operating systems to clean up your PC, defragment the drives and free up the system space. The user interface is trendy and as useful as it can be seen.

Is the Razer Cortex Effective?

Razer Cortex effectively prevents programs from operating in the background that isn’t required for gaming. By terminating these programs, the PC will get more resources available to run the games more quickly and smoothly. In other words, if the players have fewer apps open on the computer, he/she will have more computing power available. Players must know how to open razer cortex without sign in.

For example, players may gain additional RAM and CPU power to perform the games by removing various background processes. More RAM and CPU power will undoubtedly result in improved gaming performance. The Razer Cortex might free up to 2 GB of RAM. However, there is a catch with Razer Cortex.

It only operates on outdated computers with low RAM and processing power. We tested the Razer Cortex on two different gaming machines, the first computer has only 4GB of RAM and an i5 processor that is old and the second computer has an Intel i9-10900K processor and 16GB of RAM. Razer Cortex genuinely improves the gaming experience by adding more RAM and CPU capacity to the first test machine. The game loaded faster and ran more smoothly than usual. On the other hand, the test on the second computer does not provide a good result.

There are no variations in load time or game performance when Razer Cortex is functioning in the background. Finally, Razer Cortex solely functions on an old or obsolete computer. If the players have a powerful processor with enough RAM and Processor speed, they won’t notice any changes.

Because the players can manually switch off background apps through Windows Task Manager, several players seem to be against adopting game boosters like Razer Cortex. However, if the players want a straightforward operation, we strongly advise using Razer Cortex. Admittedly, manually turning off processes and apps can be dangerous.

Does the Razer Cortex make a difference in terms of FPS?

Let’s assume the players have 4 GB of RAM; Razer Cortex will give the game additional room to maneuver. It also has an FPS counter that allows the players to graph the frame rate. Players can use that chart to figure out what changes they should make to enhance it.

RAM is just one component; the processor and graphics processing unit (GPU) are equally important. If the players have an older GPU, keep in mind that Razer Cortex merely frees up RAM and does not replace it.

As a result, Razer Cortex shouldn’t have a significant impact on the FPS. Also, if the game requires a lot of GPU power, Razer Cortex won’t help much. The GPU rendering process isn’t helped greatly by releasing RAM and processes. Meanwhile, if the game is more CPU-intensive, such as CS : GO or DoTA, Razer Cortex will most likely shine.

Finally, if the players are playing a CPU-intensive game like CS: GO, Razer Cortex may help them get greater FPS. If the games require additional GPU power, however, Razer Cortex will not boost the FPS.

Is the Razer Cortex secure?

Razer is a gaming company, as everyone knows. Many of their products have received favorable feedback. As per my genuine razer cortex review, it is, indeed, quite safe.

Since its public debut in 2014, numerous gamers have been using Razer Cortex without issue. Moreover, the antivirus test reveals that the Razer Cortex is free of malware and antivirus. As a result, it will not harm the computer. It will not be a problem to play a game with Razer Cortex. So you don’t need to worry if you want to test it out on your system to see if it works or not.

Players can retain it if they find it convenient. Meanwhile, the players can delete it if they see no improvement or perhaps a performance decline. Players have nothing to lose because it is inexpensive and causes no damage.

Is Razer Cortex infected with a virus?

Razer Cortex is not a computer virus. According to the tests, Razer Cortex is virus-free. We installed Razer Cortex and then ran a dozen antivirus scans on it. Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, AVG, Avira, Bit Defender, Norton, McAfee, and others are among the antivirus programs available. They all have the same outcome. Razer Cortex is virus-free and safe to use.

They also run malware and spam tests on it using Google Safe Browsing, G-Data, Yandex, MalwareDomainList, and other services. They all have the same outcome. Razer Cortex is virus and spam-free. As a result, it’s not a virus and won’t affect the computer.

Features of Razer Cortex

Cleaning the computer

By cleaning trash, temporary files, cached files, and unneeded surfing data, among other things, the System Clean maintains the PC running at full speed and cleanly. It declutters the computer by clearing hard disk space. Razer Cortex enhances not only gaming but also general PC speed by freeing up disk space.

Optimizing the Start-Up Process

Razer Cortex Game Booster reduces the time it takes for programs, including games, to boot and start. The software detects resource-draining applications and operations that run in the background but aren’t always needed by the user and shuts them off to free up RAM and memory. As a result, the starting time for the games is reduced, and they launch quicker than before.

Boosting Automatically

The Game Booster kicks in the instant the player starts a game. When the gaming session is ended, Game Booster immediately restores the PC to its previous state. Additionally, Booster Prime adjusts game settings automatically based on the player’s favorite gameplay mode. Razer’s cutting-edge AI technology can even recommend similar settings for future gaming sessions.

Game Booster

According to the razer cortex game booster review, the Game Booster increases the PC’s efficiency by discovering and regulating background resources of programs and applications. The functionality can also halt such applications and processes while the players are playing to free valuable RAMs and resources needed for seamless play. This leads to increased frame rates and visibly improved play efficiency.

Predictive FPS

Razer’s Booster Prime employs a machine-learning system to analyze the frame rate and anticipate the FPS accurately based on the configuration. Booster Prime operates an FPS counter in the background while players are gaming, so they can keep track of the system’s precise frame rates. Reviewing the numbers offered by the FPS chart can give valuable information. The boost settings can then be changed.

​Junk Cleaner

As per the Razer Cortex game booster review, the System Booster gives a single-stop solution for removing all the trash files to release valuable disk space, enabling the games to work properly. It is not necessary to open game platforms to remove trash files manually. The System Booster cleans trash files and browser caching to liberate disk space for optimal playback.

Accelerate the optimization process

The System Booster provides advice for speeding up PC systems from Razer’s optimization experts. Expert tweak options allow the players to dig deeper and fine-tune the boost settings at a detailed level.

Defragmentation of the game

Razer arranges fragmented game data on a hard drive and speeds up reading and writing to reduce loading times. Only games installed on an HDD can benefit from the Defrag Games function. Defragmenting games on an SSD will cause them to get greyed out, as SSDs should never be defragmented.

Customization of Colors

To boost the images, Razer allows the players to fine-tune the color parameters. The meticulous craftsmanship has a significant impact on the game experience. To observe a significant difference from every perspective, players can adjust the hue, digital vibrancy contrast, and even brightness.

Effective Customer Support

Customer support is offered through FAQs, master manuals, and community forum conversations. In the form of webforms on the corporate website, players can register support cases. Razer does not, however, provide live support or technical assistance.


Players can download Razer Cortex free of charge from the Razer website. The gaming bar is available on PC and mobile for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Razer does not require customers to change to a premium version and there are no pop-up ads available for the free version.

Final Thoughts

As a result of the Razer Cortex review, the razer cortex is free of viruses and spyware and will not affect the PC. It empowers the computer’s RAM and processing power to be freed up. On a PC with low RAM and outdated CPUs, the software performs admirably. 

When playing games that require a lot of processing power, the Razer Cortex has shown to be handy. However, certain games are more GPU-intensive than others. Many devices may also already have a lot of RAM and computing power. In certain cases, the players might want to avoid installing Razer Cortex.

So, whether Razer Cortex is excellent or awful relies on the system and the game the players are playing.

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Razer Cortex Game Booster Review

Razer Cortex is a game booster developed to boost the computer’s performance and enhance your gaming experience. It is a game gear manufacturing company that released Cortex, the game booster. Let’s review the product on Dhymi Digital.

Razer Game Booster Review

Razo Cortex works by shutting down unimportant background applications and programs to free from RAM and system memory. It defrags the game files to optimize disc usage when running the game on a computer. The software also has system tools that clean and free up PC memory by deleting unwanted files.

Several Razer Cortex tests have revealed that the software is malware and virus-free. It doesn’t harm the computer or damage any system files. Installing and using Razer Cortex shouldn’t be a problem if you like its performance.

However, our Razer Cortex review also highlights that the software is not 100% reliable. The software offers minimal improvements on a low-end and old PC, while the difference is even less noticeable on mid-range computers. High-end PCs are good enough on their own and don’t require game booster software.

Razer Cortex Features 

Razer Cortex game booster/ optimizer has quite a lot to offer. It has the following features:

System Cleaning 

Get rid of unwanted and duplicate files hidden in various folders on the hard drive. Free up memory space by de-cluttering the disc.

Automated Boosting 

There’s no need to run the software separately when playing a game on your computer. The Booster Prime features will automatically do the needful.

Reduce Game Start-Up Time 

Razer Cortex will reduce the time taken for a game to start and load all the background files. Features that drain your PC’s resources are not opened to reduce the launch time.

Color Customization 

If you like to tinker with the color scheme of the game interface, the Razer Cortex application lets you change the hues, shades, contrast, and brightness to suit your taste.

One Click Junk Removal 

Want to get rid of all junk files on your computer? Select System Booster in Razer Cortex and sit back. The application will handle the rest.

FPS Accuracy 

Razer says that the software uses a machine learning algorithm to predict the best FPS for your computer so that the game is smooth and jerk-free.

Pros and Cons 


  • Free to download and use
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • System Cleaner
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • The smooth running of games
  • Automated boosting/ optimization


  • Not effective on all computers
  • Razer Cortex won’t open at times
  • No customer support service
  • No real-time monitoring

To summarize, Razer Cortex is decent game optimization software that works efficiently as a system cleaner and junk file remover.

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