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Razer Gaming Chair vs. Other Chairs

Gaming chairs are ergonomically built chairs and engineered to be used for extended periods when playing video games. A wide range of Big and tall gaming chairs are available in the market, and the brand manufacturers are consistently trying to provide the most comfortable sitting experience to computer game lovers. Let’s see what the reclining gaming chair and other chairs are for relaxing and long sitting comfort. We will also look at the overview of the Razer Gaming Chair.

Types of Gaming Chairs

Big and tall gaming chairs are available mostly in three types that are Razer chairs, rockers, and floor chairs.

Razer Gaming Chair

Razer is one of the topmost brand names in the gaming industry that has introduced us to several superior gaming peripherals, consoles, Xbox, and more. But you will be wondered to know they also design state-of-the-art gaming chairs that are unbeatable in the market.

A Razer gaming chair with a footrest is the most popular for playing video games at a desk because their seats are elevated off the floor. To give you utmost relief to the back, foot, neck, and arms, the big brands use lofty, padded backs that are usually sleek in appearance that gives long life to the chairs and a stylish look.

Rocker Gaming Chairs

Rocker chairs are designed to rock the back and forth of the chair with a ground sitting feature. This reclining gaming chair is balanced at the point so that the seat can touch your back and allow it to be easily moved around. When you are seated, your legs will lie on the floor. Primarily, the rocker gaming chairs are used to play such video games where you need to control them from a distance. They are also fantastic for playing multiplayer games with others in the room.

Floor Gaming Chairs 

Of all the gaming chair options, big and tall gaming chairs are the lowest constructed and least priced. You can see the floor gaming chairs in a wide variety, from the designs like rocker chairs to the floor touching seats that look like a floor pillow.

Sometimes, you can see these super-plush floor gaming chairs with additional features that are ideal for regular or casual video gaming.

How Razer Gaming Chairs Make a Difference from Other Chairs?

Investing in a high-quality gaming chair is one of the finest efforts to boost your gaming experience. Razer gaming chairs are gradually gaining popularity, generating interest and permitting different types to succeed. There are numerous factors to consider while choosing gaming chairs.  

Design & Durability

From its light-green stitch to its three-headed snake style and the snake belly model on the back is amazing. The chair is covered in thick synthetic leather, which is unlike normal polyurethane leather. It is a smart investment and lasts longer than a normal gaming chair being manufactured by other brands.


The most significant difference between a gaming chair with a footrest and a bucket seat such as a Razer chair is the technology behind its seats. A Razer chair with a bucket seat gives similar looks to a sports car seat. It provides you utmost comfort and feels like you are cuddling the chair when you sit. 


The razer gaming chair is suitable for players up to 299 pounds (136 kg), five feet high, six-inch to six feet high, 2 inches high (170 cm to 190 cm). You want the seat cushion firmly and supportively when playing and working at a desk. This is not the case when you’re seeking a smooth recliner on wheels. Similarly, you grip the corner sides of the seat cushion and give your sides a little additional support.

The armrests are wide and have a smooth finish. You can adjust the height using the paddles given under the external border, while the left and right rests can be adjusted using the inner buttons. You may slide the rests forward and backward, as well as rotate them in and out, by pressing the buttons on the front inner edge of the rests themselves. 


The major difference immediately outside the door is the mechanism employed for each chair model when we compare the adjustment of similarly priced gaming chairs and office chairs. Most chairs have a mechanism for swivelling or knee-tilting. Typically, these are lower-end reclining mechanisms that do not offer the most ergonomic postures concerning mechanisms as a whole. The reclining gaming chair contains a synchro-tilt system or a weight-sensitive mechanism, which allows you to sit quite comfortably at the same price.

Lumbar Supports

The Razer gaming chair’s lumbar support is its largest distinguishing characteristic from the rest. Unlike competing models, the Razer Iskur does not rely on a fixable pillow that requires regular adjustment. You lift the bottom of the chair instead of a paddle, and carved support rises like a mouse-filled serpent. 

There is no way to change the lumbar support. Even without the option to adjust, it provides far more assistance than a regular gaming chair, and it has been rated as one of the most comfortable backs in the workplace. It features a well-designed curve and high-quality mesh to keep you in place and provide the assistance you require. If you’re seeking lumbar adjustment, you will find it on other common gaming chairs in the same price range. 

Razer Chairs Customer Service

The chair comes with a three-year warranty, and technical help is available if needed. You also have 14 days to return it if you buy it directly from Razer.

The installation of Razer Iskur is very simple. Razer offers premium packaging to ensure that nothing gets damaged during shipping. When you open the box, the Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan will greet you with an enormous welcome card.

The instructions are simple to follow, and the whole process took around 30 minutes only and that by using a single tool: a hex driver. It can be put together by one person. However, assistance with the wheeled base wouldn’t hurt.


Like other gaming chairs, the razer gaming chair incorporates several layered synthesis types of leather, but the quality is remarkably greater, as evidenced throughout the gorgeous Razer Green Stitching. Even though the armrests are made of plastic, they have a wonderful touch of polished metal adjusting buttons. A silky, fluffy velvet-like pillow with Razer embroidered on it has the memory head pillow.

The Razer Iskur has a weight limit of 299 pounds for those up to 6’2″. The sitting area, similar to other game chairs, is angled, and padded sidewards are available.

Ultimately, Iskur’s quality, appearance, and experience are far superior to the most recent generic gaming chair models available in the market.

Cost of Razer Chair

Now, let’s have a look at the cost. It is a huge thing to spend $500 on a gaming chair if you can get a decent one for $190. However, this is Razer’s strategy, and greater costs usually imply higher quality or the creation of something unique. Both are accomplished by the Iskur. 

Why Buy Razer Gaming Chairs Over Other Gaming chairs?

  • The chair helps you to feel good with improved posture, better circulation, additional support, and less back pain. 
  • In addition to providing the best lumbar support, a gaming chair is customized to improve health in general.
  • Gamers can enjoy fully configurable 4D armrests. These can shift up and down, up and back, left and right and turn in or out.
  • The gaming chair with footrest is modern and full of wonderful functions to improve the gaming experience. One can accommodate a large number of activities during the game.
  • The Razer Gaming Chair provides incredible health benefits. Gaming involves long-term sitting that has a major impact on backbone health. That’s why every gamer must have a gaming chair.

Other Gaming Chairs

Depending on their characteristics, big and tall gaming chairs could be pricey. Without paying a huge amount, you can’t buy a fully adjustable, reliable, and durable gaming chair.


Razer Gaming chairs have been growing and provide a more modern experience when playing video games compared to a sofa or furniture around the room. However, razer gaming chairs‘ opponents are often quoted as not helpful, solely pricey for aesthetic motives, and missing as regards guarantee. The knocks are usually correct, but the basic fact is that gaming seats do not offer conventional workplace chairs. These things are the appearance and the way you feel when you receive the big and tall gaming chairs and play the game at home.

On typical chairs, you can’t obtain multi-ton colors, personalized branding, or other unique stuff. If you want to purchase the chair simply for its functionality and features. The best way to go is to buy a Razer chair for enjoying the game. It is going to be the standardized chair if you are searching for a comfy, adjustable, ergonomic chair with support to sit in.

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