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Quick Steps to Change Youtube Video Category & About Page

Youtube is undoubtedly a platform that we all access daily to watch videos. On the other hand, if you are a Youtube Creator, then you must be occupied with uploading videos for your audience. With time, the amount of videos on your channel keeps increasing; in that case, categorization is a saviour. Whenever you upload a video on a channel, it’s best to put it under a relevant category.


But if you are already doing it, then that’s great. However, only some people are pros at their game. So if you are wondering how to change youtube video category and the About page, don’t fret. In this blog today, we will thoroughly guide you through the process of changing Youtube video categories in minutes by following a few steps. Regardless of whether you are using a desktop app or a Youtube Mobile app, you can make the changes. We have got you covered. So let’s get started without any ado!

How do I Change My Category on Youtube?

Changing the category of your Youtube Video is no rocket science. Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to make changes:


    1. First things first, open Youtube.com or Youtube Mobile App (if making the changes using a phone).
    2. Click on your channel profile picture located at the top right-hand side corner, and a dropdown menu will open. Out of all the options, find Youtube Studio and hit on it.

Steps :-

  1. Welcome to the channel dashboard. Have a look at the left sidebar, and you will find the options Content. Under this section, find all the uploaded videos.
  2. A new window will open by the name Channel Content. In this, all your videos, whether uploaded, unlisted or drafted, will show up. Find the video whose category you wish to edit. If you are unable to find it, then scroll down a little.  
  3. Take the cursor to the video, and you will see a list of options. See the screenshot below and click the pencil-shaped icon to edit the video details.
  4. A new window will open containing all the Video Details. Keep scrolling down until you find a section by the name Category.
  5. Hit the dropdown list to find the appropriate category and then select it. We suggest you select the category for the video which matches with the content to a great extent. You will get to see the range of options in the category option, as shown in the screenshot.
  6. Change the video category and hit on the save button, as shown in the image below. If you cannot click on the Save button, scroll up a little until you find a section by the name Audience. Make an appropriate selection in this section. If the video is for kids, select Yes, it’s made for kids; otherwise, go for No, it’s not made for kids.  


Note: You can only change the category of a video if it has less than 100,000 views. If a video has more than 100,000 views, you must create a new one and assign the correct category.

How to Edit Youtube Video Categories?

Editing the youtube video categories of your channel is no rocket science. The steps are pretty simple. We have already answered your question. Have a look at all the steps listed above, along with the screenshots, to understand how to edit youtube video categories. If you face any issues, then do reach out to us. Meanwhile, let’s proceed with getting our hands on the advanced channel settings.

Advanced Channel Settings Youtube 

To access the advanced channel settings on YouTube, follow these steps:


        1. Sign in to your YouTube account. Later on, take a look at the profile picture located in the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to proceed further.
        2. Click on “YouTube Studio” from the dropdown menu.
        3. In the left-hand sidebar, click on the “Settings” option to reach the “Channel” option. After clicking on settings, you will see that a new dialog box will open containing many options. Have a look at the below screenshots to get a better idea.  
        4. Under the “Channel” tab, you will find three different options that go by the name – Basic Info, Advanced Settings and Feature Eligibility. In order to access the advanced settings, click on the “Advanced settings” option, which is the second in the series.
        5. The advanced settings will give you more control over your channel, including the ability to:
        6. Enable monetization and set up AdSense for your channel
        7. Set up custom URLs for your channel
        8. Enable live streaming and adjust live stream settings
        9. Add channel moderators and set up community guidelines
        10. Set up channel translations and add closed captions to your videos
        11. View your channel’s analytics and adjust privacy settings
        12. Make any necessary changes to your channel settings, and be sure to click on “Save” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

      Note: Some advanced settings, such as monetization and live streaming, may require you to meet certain eligibility criteria before accessing them.

      How to Change Your About Page on Youtube?

      The About section of your Youtube Channel is where you can explain your channel to the audience. Give them a glimpse of what the channel is all about, and try to add enticing information and what you wish to achieve through the channel.


      1. If you are wondering how to change the About page on Youtube, which you wrote earlier in haste, then don’t worry. We have got you covered. To change your About Page on YouTube, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to your YouTube account whose about section you wish to change.
    2. Look at the top right corner of the screen and there you will find the profile picture, click on it. From the dropdown menu, click on “Your channel.”
    3. Click on the “Customize Channel” button on the screen’s right side.
    4. A new dialog box opens containing details about the Channel customization. The window appears like the following added screenshot. The feature useful to you is Basic Info; we have highlighted it below.
    5. In the description, section, enter the information about your channel, which we also refer to as About Us. The information added in this part will be reflected as the about us of the channel. For better clarity, we have highlighted that section below. Also, keep the about us short, precise, creative and packed with the required information.  
    6. After making the changes, hit on the Save button to save them. Afterwards, check your channel about us and the content you added in the description part will start reflecting there.
    7. Moreover, you can also add links to your social media profiles, websites, and other channels by clicking on the “Add Links” button in the Basic Info section by scrolling down a little.
    8. Now you know how to update the about us section of your Youtube Channel, let’s move ahead with the next part.
    1. How to Change Your Youtube Account?

      Changing your Youtube account is as simple as ordering a cup of coffee at a cafe. Follow the below steps to make the changes in an instant:

    2. Go to Youtube on your desktop or phone and sign in to your account.
    3. Look at the top right corner where your channel profile picture shows up. Click on it, and the list of dropdown menus will open. Out of the list, click on the Switch Account option to change your youtube account.
    4. Hit on the arrow shown in front of the option Switch Account, and a new menu will open. It will show you a list of all the logged-in accounts, and if you wish to add another account, scroll down to the bottom until you find an option called Add Account.
    5. Click on Add account, and a new window will open where you can enter the login details of the new account and add it there. After adding it, you can easily access that account too. Moreover, if you wish to switch the account again, follow the 2nd and 3rd steps. The list of logged-in accounts will show up, and pick the one you wish to access.  


    How to Access Upload Defaults Youtube?

    Don’t fret; the steps are pretty simple. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps to understand how you can change the default settings of your youtube channel. Let’s get started:

    1. Sign in to your Youtube Account. Click on your profile picture icon, and a dropdown list of several options will open up. Out of it, select Youtube Studio.
    2. A new window will open. Take a thorough look at all the options listed in the left hand side. Scroll down and find the option settings and click on it.
    3. A new window will open containing different options. Go to the third option that says Upload Defaults. Under it, you get two options, i.e. Basic Info and Advanced Settings.
      1. In the Basic Info tab, add things like add a video title, description, tags and set visibility. On the other hand, in the Advanced Settings tab, you get access to options like Automatic chapters, Language and captions certification settings, and comments visibility settings and decide whether to show how many viewers like this video.
    1. After making all the changes, remember to click the save button at the bottom of the page. By default, these settings will now be applied to all future video uploads.


    Youtube Channel Category List

    What if you want to avoid creating a category for each video? In that case, setting up a default youtube channel category is best. If you don’t know how to do so, then don’t fret; we are here to guide you:

    1. Look at the above section, which discusses accessing upload defaults.
    2. Follow steps 1 to step 5 until you get access to Advanced Settings.
    3. In the advanced settings tab, you will find an option by the name category on the right-hand side. Click on it, and a dropdown list will open containing a list of different categories you can set up for your channel. Pick the most relevant one out of the list and select it.
    4. After you make the selection, that category will show as the default category of every video you will upload in future. Moreover, if, in any case, you forgot to select the category for the video, then also the category you selected in the upload default will show here as the category.
    5. Remember to hit the Save button after making all the changes to the upload default settings.

    How to Edit Your Youtube Channel on the Phone?

    If you don’t have access to a desktop or laptop and want to make changes to your youtube channel via phone, then we have got you covered. Follow the below steps to make changes:

    1. First, ensure you have the Youtube Studio application installed on your phone. If you don’t have it, download it from the respective app store or play store, depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone.
    2. Open Youtube studio and look at the bottom bar; there, you will find different options like Dashboard, Content, Analytics and Comments.
    3. If you wish to edit the category of the Youtube video, then in that case, click on the Content option, and the list of videos will show up. Click on the three dots situated at the corner of the video title to access different options such as edit, delete etc.
    4. After clicking on the edit video, a new window containing a list of different options will open. Out of all the given options, select the one that allows you to edit the youtube video category. For better clarity, have a look at the below-added screenshot.
    5. Tap on More Options, and a new window containing a list of different options will open.
    6. In order to change the category, click on the Plus icon located right next to the category option. A list of categories will open, which you can select according to your video type.


    Now it’s clear how to change the youtube video category through the phone. The steps are simple to follow, and it barely takes a minute to make the changes.

    Final Words

    We know that only some people are Youtube Ninjas. Making the changes is a cakewalk, while others might need a little guidance. To help you out, we have shared steps about how to change your youtube channel category, video category, access to advanced channel settings and much more. For better clarity, we have even added screenshots so you can later on make the changes easily.

    Make sure you follow the steps as they are outlined above to make the respective changes. After getting a hold of how to change the youtube video category and update the about us page, you can proceed to learn the next thing about youtube. This way, gradually, you will become a master of Youtube. Feel free to get back to us if you need any help while making the changes. We are happy to help you anytime or guide you in the right direction.


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