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Top 10 Alternatives to Grammarly That You Must Know About

When it comes to ensuring grammatically correct content, most writers and brands prefer alternatives to Grammarly. It’s a well-known software, used to enhance the quality of your writing. Even though it’s wonderful software, it exists in a competitive market.   

Not everyone can afford or find it worth investing in. If you are one of those, today’s blog is perfect for you. Below we have shared the top 10 best alternatives to Grammarly.   

All of them are highly efficient and work well, in terms of correcting grammar and various other features. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight to our list. 

#1 ProWritingAid 

ProWritingAid (PWA) is an online proofreading and grammar software. It’s a plagiarism detection tool, writing coach, and general editing tool all in one. Besides, it’s primarily used by many users for grammar purposes.  

ProWritingAid integrates with virtually every browser and software writer uses, from Chrome to Google Docs to Scrivener. On its website, PWA bills itself as a “grammar expert, style editor, and writing mentor, all in one product.”

How Much Does ProWritingAid Cost?  

ProWritingAid offers subscription-based services with three subscription plans, Monthly, Yearly, and lifetime. Each of these plans costs INR 1100, INR 4345, and INR 21945. 

#2 Scribens  

Scribens is a free grammar software and an amazing alternative to Grammarly. Especially its ability to analyze a fairly large text even in its Free version, is pretty impressive. Plus, its navigation is super easy and convenient.   

The tool is easy to use, and all you have to do is just copy and paste your text and start the analysis. Different colours indicate different types of corrections to be made.

How Much Does Scribens Cost?  

Scribens offers 3 plans, 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. Each plan costs €9.90, €19.90, and €49.90.

#3 Antidote  

Antidote corrects grammar, spelling, syntax, and so on in just a matter of seconds. The software is a very rigorous and reliable online proofreader. The antidote is used by academics, journalists, companies, etc. to ensure the highest quality of content.  

The antidote is the complete arsenal of the perfect writer that is added directly to your favorite software. Indeed, you have the facility to connect the software in Office, WordPerfect, LibreOffice, or Illustrator.

How Much Does Antidote Cost?  

Antidote offers 3 plans, personal, family and Antidote11. Each plan costs $59.95/year, $99.95/year, and $129.95. 

#4 Reverso  

Reverso has been the first choice of many writers for a long time as a free text analysis tool on the Internet. It is often ranked #1 on Google searches for “spelling correction” and best alternatives to Grammarly.  

Reverso is quite good at checking to spell and correcting your grammar mistakes automatically. However, the number of characters is limited, so you have to cut your text (or article) into slices to analyze everything. 

How Much Does Reverso Cost?  

Reverso offers 2 plans i.e. Annual and Monthly. Each plan costs €4.99/month (billed one time) and €9.99/month.

#5 Spellingcheck24  

Spellingcheck24 offers you efficient spelling and grammar check services. The spelling mistakes are shown here in red colour and grammatical errors in green. The software gives you highlights of the analysis for filler words, readability, and word density.  

In addition to the usual functions such as deleting and editing text, you can also copy the text particularly easily on the website with a button. The language in which your text is to be checked can also be freely chosen. 

How Much Does Spellingcheck24 Cost?  

In addition to the free version, Spellingcheck24 also offers a premium plan. The premium version costs $4,92 a month.

#6 LanguageTool  

LanguageTool is one of the most comprehensive grammar correction solutions available on the internet. This tool tests your texts not only for spelling and grammar errors but also for style errors or incorrect upper and lower case.   

In the free version, the tool is available as an add-on for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. Moreover, it allows you to check texts with up to 20,000 characters in the text field.

How Much Does LanguageTool Cost? 

The premium plan is divided into two sub-plans i.e. for individual users and teams. The plan for individual users costs ₹91.58 per month and that for teams costs ₹174.01 per month.

#7 WhiteSmoke 

With the help of WhiteSmoke, you can check the readability and grammar of your text in no time at all. Now the tool measures the grammar and readability index of your article based on certain parameters.   

An easy-to-understand traffic light system shows you which parts should be revised. If you click on the error message on the right, the affected passage will be color-coded. Many users find WhiteSmoke better than alternatives to Grammarly because it’s highly convenient.

How Much Does White Smoke Cost? 

WhiteSmoke offers 3 plans i.e. Web and Premium and Business. Each plan costs $5.00/ month, $6.66/month and $11.50/month. These are discounted rates.

#8 WordTune 

With WordTune, it is possible to have texts examined for filler words, modal verbs, and other stylistic blunders – even while writing. The grammar tool shows you how many characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs your text contains.   

WordTune also checks your text for sentence length, formatting errors, and various stylistic aspects. Thanks to an integrated readability index, WordTune will analyze how easy or difficult to read your content is.

How Much Does WordTune Cost? 

Besides the free version, WordTune also has a premium version which costs $9.99/month. For “premium for the team”, you need to contact the company itself.

#9 Ginger  

Ginger examines your text even more closely than Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. It supports you in improving the grammar and style of the texts and formulating them in a more reader-friendly way.   

Using a readability and grammar analysis, Ginger examines the text for comprehensibility and highlights corrections. It’s preferred for beginner writers, because of its clean navigation and easy-to-use interface. 

How Much Does Ginger Cost? 

Ginger offers three subscription plans i.e. Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly. The Annual plan costs ₹242/month, the Quarterly plan costs ₹330/month, and the monthly plan costs ₹390/month.

#10 PaperRater  

When it comes to affordable grammar-checking software, PaperRater is many students and writers’ favourite choice. It’s pretty decent and works well towards correcting grammatical mistakes.   

In addition to grammar, PaperRater has an in-built plagiarism tool that ensures the originality of your content. Moreover, the software also shows writing suggestions that you can follow to make your content rank high, in terms of readability.

How Much Does PaperRater Cost?  

PaperRater offers its users the facility to get more than just regular features via a premium plan. The cost of the plan is $7.95. 

Final Words

These were some of the best alternatives to Grammarly. If you don’t find Grammarly worth your time and funds, maybe you’ll like any of the above software. Make sure to read about them in detail, via their respective websites. All of the tools we have shared are highly efficient and do their job well. Choose the one that fits your needs!

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