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Top 8 Features of Videolytics YouTube That Every YouTuber Must Know

Are you a YouTuber? If yes, chances are you might have heard about TubeBuddy. It’s absolutely alright if you are unfamiliar with the term. Basically, TubeBuddy is a third-party tool which helps YouTubers grow their channel. More specifically, the Videolytics YouTube features of TubeBuddy are what boosts the channel’s growth.

But what is TubeBuddy Videolytics? How can it grow my YouTube channel?”, you might ask. Well, that’s what we’ll understand today. Keep scrolling to discover the primary features of Videolytics chrome that will promote your channel’s growth. Let’s dive in!

Brief Overview of Videolytics

Before getting started with the features of Videolytics Youtube, it’s crucial to have an understanding of Videolytics itself. So what is Videolytics? Videolytics is an amazing TubeBuddy feature, providing every integral YouTube Video Analytics and Statistics at your fingertips. Not just your channel, but Videolytics chrome provides insights into other YouTube Videos.

In other words, Videolytics can offer insights into your channel videos as well as videos of your competitors. For any YouTuber, understanding the analytics of their channel is very important as it gives them an idea of what exactly is working and what is not.

Other than understanding your own channel from depth, it’s also important to keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies. Using Videolytics, one can have a closer look at how their competitor’s videos are performing and what they have done. A side-by-side comparison of your videos with your competitors can be done.

That comparison with an array of analytics and stats will help you understand their tactics and how you can customise your strategies to outrank them. Videolytics is one of the most efficient and widely used features of TubeBuddy, which have various sub-features. Now let’s understand some of the many features that Videolytics offer.

Top 8 Features of Videolytics

Videolytics is definitely a remarkable feature of TubeBuddy. Further, it has a wide range of features that helps YouTubers grow their channel. Since time is valuable, let’s just focus on the primary features of Videolytics. So here are the top eight features of Videolytics that you should know about:

1.Social Reach

There’s a dedicated social reach section available on TubeBuddy. It shows the number of times your videos are shared across social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Videolytics goes one step ahead and provides you with the facility to see who shared which of your video.

The social reach feature of TubeBuddy Videolytics Youtube, as the same says, directs you to the relevant platform where your videos are being shared. With access to an external community, you can thank that person for sharing your videos on its social accounts. Moreover, if they haven’t provided the right credits, you can remind them about it too.

2.Channel Stats

The feature allows the YouTuber to know the total number of channel views, new subscribers and videos. The channel stats comes handy when performing a comparison between the overall stats of the channel and a particular video. There are also channelytics features available in the channel stats section that offers a detailed look at the channel stats.

The channel stats feature of Videolytics is highly useful and gives you a deeper understanding of your channel performance. You can find Channel Stats on the homepage of TubeBuddy itself. If you can’t find it, you can always use the search bar to find it.

3.Compare Tab

The compare tab is another fascinating Videolytics feature that every new YouTuber must check out. This feature allows users to compare their current watching view with that of their own videos or own popular/trending videos. Comparing your videos with that of other successful creators in your niche, allows you to find out your own drawbacks.

You simply have to copy the link of the video you want to compare and paste the URL in the compare tab. Comparison is really important if you wish to grow your channel, better than your competitors. Just make sure you compare yourself with successful channels of your niche.

4.Browser Extension

The Videolytics side panel of TubeBuddy provides advanced channel and video data. The data consists of video ratings, comments and views. Moreover, there is also various other information that’s available in the panel. But to make things even more easier for the users, Videolytics has a browser extension. If you use Chrome, add the Videolytics chrome extension ASAP!

When you enable the Videolytics Youtube extension you don’t have to open the web app for your channel stats and other information. All the real-time details will appear on the extension, giving you uninterrupted streaming and YouTube browsing experience.

5.Competitor Research

When you open the Videolytics panel, there’s a compare button available at the top. This button is provided to facilitate video comparison. In other words, it’s an instant video comparison pathway. This feature is also available in the Videolytics extension for chrome. Therefore if you don’t want to go through the URL copy-paste process, simply use this feature in the extension and perform the comparison.

Moreover, there are also line and bar charts that will be provided to you throughout the comparison process. They will give you an in-depth understanding of both the videos and key differences or drawbacks. Try the Videolytics extension for chrome because it’s worth it!

6.Tag Feature

The tag feature lets users see all the hashtags that they have used and the rankings of each tag. This feature is really impressive because it lets you know which tags are working and which ones aren’t. Using the right hashtags is really important for the growth of any YouTube channel.

The tag feature of TubeBuddy Videolytics gives you the facility to figure out effective tags that you should use in your video descriptions. Almost every YouTube expert recommends the use of hashtags. But which ones are more efficient and best can be determined using the tag feature of Videolytics.

7.Search Rankings Tool

The Videolytics side panel contains a search ranking tool which allows YouTubers to see where their videos are ranking and on which of their tags. Understanding how effective your used hashtags are can only be determined by checking their rankings. In other words, those hashtags work which makes your video rank higher on it.

Thus, this feature allows you to filter the working hashtags from efficient ones based on your video rankings. Once you have the list of working hashtags, rank them based on traffic and use them across your future videos and channels accordingly.

8.Tab Management

Determining which tags work and which don’t, are pretty easy. Do you know what’s tough? The management of those tags. Videolytics makes the management of hashtags efficient and hassle-free. The feature gives you real-time suggestions for tags.

The tags that you find useful can be pinned, creating a dedicated list of tags that can be accessed anytime. The list of tags can be reordered and sorted on a various basis like last used, length, etc. Moreover, the YouTube Videolytics side panel facilitates users to view, copy and paste tags from one video to another.

So these were some of the key features of Videolytics. If you are a struggling YouTuber looking forward to channel growth, the above features are a must-try for you. They are highly efficient and boost your channel’s growth explicitly.

Final Words

YouTube has become a highly competitive space. If an individual wants to become a successful YouTuber, hard work is at the top of the list. Hard Work ensures success. But partnering it with smart work decreases the potholes on your way to the top. The above Videolytics features are what define smart work on YouTube. Use these features and experience the blissful taste of success.

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