Top 9 Freelance Websites

Top 9 Freelance Websites Worth Trying in 2022 For Beginners

According to Upwork, more than 50% of the United States’ workforce is predicted to be freelancers by the year 2027. 

Freelancing has achieved great heights in recent years. No wonder why this industry is growing so fast – freelancers have the freedom of choosing their clients, projects and workload. 

Companies have recruited wholesome amounts of freelancers to manage the work demands. (Source: Fortune)

During the global pandemic, many employees quit their 9-5 to become full-time freelancers. As a result, the number of potential freelancers is increasing rapidly. 

Are you wondering about entering the world of freelancing? Today we’ll learn about some excellent freelancing websites to start your journey. Keep scrolling for details.

Why Opt For Freelancing?

Before getting started with freelancing websites, let’s understand one basic yet important concept – “why should you opt for freelancing? You might be thrilled to enter the world of freelancing and print dollars, but are you aware of the other side of the story? Freelancing is not a cakewalk; it’s complex and challenging, like building your brand online right from scratch. Here the only difference is that you are not building someone else’s brand; you are acting as the sole face of your own business. 

Before starting, we have a bunch of questions for you. 

  • Do you see someone earning millions via freelancing, and that’s why you are here?
  • Have you already quit your 9-5 for freelancing?
  • Do you think freelancing is easier than a full-time job?

If your answer to these questions is YES, you have taken freelancing wrong. Yes, you can earn a pretty good amount from freelancing, sometimes higher than 9-5. But it’s an achievement in the long run. It’s recommended to start freelancing part-time to gain some industry experience before starting full-time. 

Freelancing is similar to running a business, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So now you might ask, if freelancing is so tedious, why would anyone follow this career stream and leave their 9-to 5 jobs. Well, your question is on point, and there’s no doubt about how sophisticated this path is. 

But the benefits it offers you are unique and something we all dreamt of. If you have work experience and valuable skills, it won’t upset you, at least not income. Talking about unique advantages, here are some exceptional benefits of freelancing:

  • You get to be your boss
  • Flexible timing to work 
  • Add another income source to your pocket
  • Receive a permanent work-from-home Life
  • Improves management skills as you are solely managing everything

Freelancing can be a game-changer decision for your career and knowing where to start plays an integral role. So let’s explore the top nine freelancing websites to start your freelancing career. These websites are the best possible start to your journey.

Best Freelancing Websites To Begin With In 2022

The internet is flooded with options when we talk about the best freelance website. But as a beginner, the last thing you want is to experience confusion initially. So to make things simple, here are the top nine freelance websites to choose from. Start your freelance career with them:


Girl doing Yoga

Kajabi is an online platform that allows users to build, create, market and sell anything they want. Being a freelancer, you might face some complexities in marketing your services. With Kajabi, you can kick start your freelance journey in the best way. Personal branding is an important key to a successful freelance journey.

Most beginners find it tough to market themselves, resulting in less market exposure. Kajabi platform integrates the marketing efforts of beginner freelancers, helping them attract target clients effortlessly. This online platform consists of nine separate features: products, websites, payments, email, pages, pipelines, analytics, people and mobile. Each feature can be used to streamline different aspects of your freelance business.

By using the Kajabi platform, people saved around $300, which they would otherwise spend on different software. But since Kajabi is an integration of various software, it’s cost-effective and highly convenient. Now that you have an idea of the Kajabi platform let’s move on to understand its pros and cons.  


  • Not so complex user-interface
  • Integration of various useful software
  • An efficient solution to manage freelance
  • Best start to your freelance journey
  • Mobile-friendly and can be operated from anywhere
  • Multiple useful features
  • Cheaper compared to other options


  • You won’t find potential clients here
  • Not exactly a freelance website
  • Can’t place gigs to get work


Girl shooting with camera and light


For teachers who want to teach on a freelance basis, the Teachable platform has turned out to be the best freelancing website. It’s another wonderful platform for people who want to share their learning and earn money. The website allows users to create and sell various types of online courses along with coaching services. Teachable is the best website to offer coaching services for all teachers who want to earn extra income. Moreover, the Teachable platform allows its users to pre-record their courses and post them whenever they find them right. 

Also, you can integrate your YouTube channel with the website, delivering Teachable live recordings directly to YouTube. This way, you can optimise your YouTube channel while earning through Teachable. That’s a double advantage! A teachable platform can be an optimal solution for individuals with a passion for teaching and simultaneously convert their passion into an excellent side hustle. 


  • Teachers get to keep all their earnings
  • Get access to marketing courses
  • Additional profits through Teachables’ affiliate program
  • Facility to pre-record the courses
  • YouTube integration for live streaming
  • An excellent option for beginner freelancers
  • The hassle-free interface of the platform


  • You’re responsible for your marketing
  • Expensive option for beginner freelancers
  • There’s a tiered fee for website usage, ranging from $29 to $299/month


Coursera Learning

There’s always an alternative to everything. Teachable also has an alternative. It’s none other than the Coursera app. You might have heard about it; it’s quite popular these days. Basically, Coursera is a platform that provides thousands of courses online. Well, if you are wondering why we call Coursera a freelance platform, then let us tell you how.

First of all, do you love teaching? What if you get an opportunity to do what you love while earning some extra bucks? It would be a great deal. The Coursera app allows freelance teachers to create their courses and sell them on the platform. For every course purchase, the money gets transferred directly into your account.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay any charges to operate your account on the platform; it’s free. Thus, if you want to get started with freelance teaching but can’t afford to invest in Teachable, the Coursera app is perfect for you.


  • Staff training and personal development
  • Target international clients or students
  • Easy-to-use website interface
  • Wide range of categories to post on
  • A large variety of payment options
  • There’s no limit on how many courses you can post
  • Improve your skills side-by-side through available courses


  • The LMS and UI can be more intuitive
  • Basic analytics reporting dashboard
  • The course page sometimes takes time to load


About looka softwere

Do you have an interest in logo making? You can convert your interest into money by offering freelance logo-making services online. Some businesses out there have recently launched in the market, looking for logo designers. You can target those leads and convert them into paying clients. Looka app acts as an intermediary between you and potential customers. Of course, you can only convert your target leads when you are efficient at logo making. But what if you are just starting out? That’s when the Looka logo maker comes into play.

 Looka is among the top lion logo-making platforms, with an AI-powered user interface. It offers various packages, ranging from basic to advanced; you can subscribe to create Logos for your customers. Moreover, the platform provides users with a wide range of design tools that make the whole concept of logo design super convenient and easy. Looka app will make your freelance website journey as a logo designer a huge success.


  • The account setup process is simple
  • Source files include vector files
  • Availability of more than 300 brand kits
  • Option to download multiple files
  • Colour and font customization option
  • Variety of logo ideas to get inspiration from
  • The overall layout of the website supports convenience


  • It can be an expensive deal for beginner freelancers
  • Users are noted to face privacy concerns
  • Less manual customization options


Fiver homepage

Regarding freelance websites, the Fiverr app is the first priority of many. Not just the beginner but many experienced freelancers also recommend this website. Freelancers get the opportunity to create gigs in whatever category they like. Talking about its categories, the list is quite long and definitely impressive.

Moreover, the website’s user interface is pretty convenient and simple to use. Unlike other freelancing websites, the Fiverr app also provides its users with a Mobile application. Through the app, users can perform a wide range of operations, such as chatting with clients, creating milestones, giving updates on a project, etc.

Another great factor, which has made Fiverr a popular choice among freelancers, is customer support. Fiverr app offers an excellent customer support system which is available 24/7 to resolve your issues. All you need is to share your concern with them, and they will do whatever they can to resolve it. 


  • No charges against account creation
  • 24/7 excellent customer support
  • Wide range of categories to post gigs on
  • No limit on the creation of gigs
  • Freely advertise your services
  • Large client base, allowing you to target better
  • 100% secure and safe in terms of privacy protection


  • Orders are accepted without permission
  • High commission fees
  • Buyers can cancel projects without informing


Cloudways homepage

Cloudways platform is an exceptional platform that allows you to enhance the quality of your website hosting services. The demand for freelance website developers who can take care of website hostings is always high. You can turn that demand in your favour by supplying excellent hosting services. 

Cloudways is an online platform that offers services like website hosting at economic costs. The website delivers fully-managed web hostings and ensures your WordPress websites load fast. As a beginner freelancer, your primary focus is to create a good image in the market. 

If you satisfy your customers, they will speak for you. The best way to satisfy customers is to enhance the quality of your web hosting services. There isn’t any better way than the Cloudways platform to do so. The platform will be your partner in your freelance  website journey for a very long time. That’s our promise.


  • Customer support is available round the clock
  • Build-in caches and SSD-based hosting
  • Multiple security features like SSL, IPs, etc.
  • Offers guarantee of 100% uptime
  • Easy up-gradation of plans 
  • Innovative and feature-rich control panel
  • Automatic data backups


  • CDN isn’t included in any plan
  • Plans aren’t economic 
  • No email hosting and complex UI design


Sales funnel video image

Clickfunnels marketplace allows any business owner to sell their products or services online through sales funnels. The funnel is a series of well-defined steps in succession through which the customers pass. Unlike the website, which gathers several references and leaves the visitors confused, the funnel offers a guided shopping experience where the products are complementary and offered one after the other. Now the important question is – how can the Clickfunnels website be any good for you? Since business owners have time to do all the funnel creation work, you’ll be the one taking care of it. But how will you do so? Simple, using Clickfunnels.


  • Easy to create sales pages
  • Availability of A/B testing feature
  • Split testing of landing pages
  • A straightforward way of setting a sales funnel
  • Educational content related to marketing
  • Integrates conveniently with payment stripes
  • Nice layouts for housing content and programs


  • Email marketing isn’t available in any plan
  • The platform isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Reset password features don’t work well all the time


3 girls looking front

Depositphotos app is an online virtual library of images accessible by all Internet users. The platform also provides vector videos and photos. The files are suitable for a professional project or to illustrate a post on Instagram. The image library has more than 100 million high-quality snapshots, free or licensed. Depositphotos app classifies photographs into several categories, making searches easier and more filtered. 

Adjustment options are available such as time, day or size. This allows searches to be further refined. If you want to step forward in the world of freelancing as a social media manager, this tool will help you a lot. It’s a fact that clients don’t give projects to beginners easily. So when you receive a project, you must ensure you give 100% to it. Even if you lack skills or are an expert, the Depositphotos app is an amazing platform to rely upon. Many freelancers recommend this platform to beginners. Make sure you give it a try!


  • Wide range of icons, vectors and pictures
  • Unlimited downloading facility
  • Fast search engine
  • Amazing discounts on packages
  • Excellent collection of in-built tools
  • Great platform for social media experts
  • Large categories of photographs


  • There’s no free trial
  • Large subscriptions can become expensive
  • Customer support isn’t optimum


Payhip homepage

Based in the UK, the PayHip app is a digital content platform. This wonderful platform allows users to market digital products such as e-books, music, models, software, courses, and videos. The site also has an affiliate system to share users’ achievements.

In addition, the PayHip app is completely free and therefore charges no registration fees from the users. It’s an integrated, all-in-one eCommerce solution for entrepreneurs and bloggers. It’s a great platform for freelance website developers.

It can support your services, allowing you to satisfy your clients. You can also integrate this platform into your clients’ websites and control everything from there. Not just that, but you can sell your own work, an excellently created website, for example, at the Payhip app, to add extra income to your pockets. Payhip is an exceptional platform that every freelancer who deals in website development or hosting must have with them.


  • There’s no fee for account creation
  • The website is easy to use
  • Excellent handling of VAT and EU
  • Wide range of feature lists in free plans
  • You can sell your products on the platform itself
  • An ideal platform to kickstart a beginner’s freelance website career
  • Constant website improvement for exceptional user-experience


  • 5% transaction fees in the free plan
  • Simple product pages 
  • Manual process for affiliate management
Final Words

Getting the right start plays an important role in your freelance website journey in the long run. If you get the best start, your growth in the industry will fly like a rocket. However, when it comes to freelancing, many individuals find it tough to decide where to start. Of course, it’s a tough decision and therefore must be taken very carefully.

The above list of freelance websites is excellent. They will help you reduce your stress about getting started with freelancing. All of them are highly praised by experienced freelancers. So pick any of the websites from the above list and enjoy freelancing. Our personal favourite is Fiverr, of course. Thus, we recommend you start your freelance website career with it. 

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