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An Honest Vidnami Review in 2022 – That you will regret missing!

Welcome to Vidnami Review, where we go over the features and benefits of this cutting-edge video creation tool. 

If you’re reading this, then probably you are searching for an easy way to produce breathtakingly beautiful videos quickly. If so, you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to show you how to get started with Vidnami. 

This video creation tool is incredibly powerful, but the only downfall of using it is the fact that it takes a while to learn. Therefore, in this article, we will explore Vidnami in detail.

Know about Vidnami

So, what is Vidnami all about? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a unique software tool that enables you to easily create videos via the internet. 

This includes a number of different options such as turning your photos and text into streaming movies. 

To make this possible, Vidnami gives you the opportunity to utilize the power of html5. As well as the ability to export your work into almost any other format imaginable. 

I’ll explain all of these options in further detail in my Vidnami review below

Advantages of Vidnami

  • The first advantage of using Vidnami is that it gives you an unprecedentedly powerful combination of features. 
  • In particular, it makes it really easy to convert your photos and videos into a profitable affiliate link. 
  • Furthermore, It has a number of advanced features, including a high-speed photo editor and an automatic image resizing tool.
  • One of the most impressive aspects of Vidnami is its flexibility. This is especially useful for beginners who don’t yet have any substantial videos to show off to their friends or business contacts. 
  • You can modify your videos however you like – trimming them, adding text, music, and a number of other creative enhancements. In addition to this, the software gives you the chance to completely personalize your website. 
  • Similarly, You can change colors, add graphics and text, and even integrate a number of different social media sharing options into your site.
  • Lastly, it has options for creating automatic captions. This allows you to transcribe your clips quickly and without any hassle.

Let us now look at the full step-wise tutorial so you can create awesome videos from scratch.

How to Use Vidnami – Create Videos from scratch 

We spoke a lot about Vidnami previously. Now is the time to try the tool and discover how high-converting films can be created from the start.

  • Step 1 – Click on Create Video

In the middle of the dashboard, you will see a big green button that says “create a video.” After logging into your dashboard.

Click on this button to get started

  • Step 2 — Choose the video type to be created.

When you select “Produce Video,” you will ask Vidnami what type of videos you want to create.

This phase is beautiful, allowing you to produce several videos on various platforms to optimize the effects of your video marketing.

In certain systems, some video dimensions perform better. One example is that an Instagram-based video may not work on Youtube.

Therefore, You may easily select the best template to match. Where to publish your movies instead of knowing how to edit videos or all the technical stuff. Let us look at some templates. 

You might pick the “influencer template” if you are planning to publish a video on Instagram. Or the “course/training template” after your video is submitted to Youtube.

  • Influencer video Vidnami transcribes and annotates your video automatically. Instantly, this template works for you if you want to do sponsored advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube you may utilize it.
  • This is a simple-to-comprehend sales video template. This template may perfectly showcase your products and services by making a video.
  • This design is suitable for creating tutorial videos or easy courses for your online courses.
  • Property or Product Description video – These templates are fantastic and include everything you need to market immobilization items.

Finally, a bespoke template-  By picking your favorite font and color, you may personalize templates to suit your brand or personal style.

Continue Reading Steps to explore Vidnami Review in detail

  • Step 3 – Write your video script or paste it into it.

You may name your video and paste or copy your script to the text box using Vidnami. (Content-samurai)

  • Step 4 – Make Your Script scenes

When you have developed a video script, Vidnami can produce stunning video scripts.

Afterward, You’ll need to go through each slide one by one and make any necessary adjustments.

You can alter the layout, video/image, transitions, text position, and so forth. You can play with the options until your satisfaction is achieved.

Important Note: Do not take too long on this step as you could easily get distracted and waste a lot of time.

Do your best to get the video finished. You will find the software easier to use and you’ll get the best ROI in your marketing efforts.

  • Step 6 – Time for Adding the Audio

You have several options in this step.

  •  A no-voice track and music-only video can be made.
  •  Vividnami’s built-in voice feature can be used
  •  Record your voice right inside the software
  •  You can also upload a voice-over.

My favorite option is to upload a vocal track. Even though I’m using my voice, I prefer to use 

  • Step 7 – Make Final Edits and Preview Your Video

Once you’ve chosen your audio preference, you can preview your video and make any final edits to your video before it is generated.

If your audio does not match the script correctly, you can manually adjust it. Or, if you have to modify a slide, go back to the scenes to make the edits.

After you get satisfaction with your handy work you can click “It looks good, continue…”To move on to the next step.

  • Step 8 – Generate your video

Click the button in green that says “Create Your Video”

After that, you will see progress bars that show what the Vidnami/Content Samurai software currently does.

You can now download your video once the progress has reached 100%.

That’s All! You have just created your first Vidnami/Content video of high quality and high conversion. Yes, it is as simple as ABC. You can create high-quality videos in just a few steps.

Now since it’s an honest Vidnami review in 2021. Therefore, we will have to look at Vidnami’s disadvantages too. 

Disadvantages of Vidnami – An Honest Review

As we all know, there are two sides to the coin. The same goes for Vidnami. It has several advantages but you can not ignore a few disadvantages too. These disadvantages are as follows.

  • No professional software replacement like photoshop or adobe software
  • Configurations are Limited
  • Some sounds are a little robotic in speech which many people do not like.
  • You don’t get to automatically select your script’s finest images/videos (have to do it manually)
  • You use templates, therefore there is no creative flexibility to create a video as you like.
  • It’s not for youtube course creation or other entertainment videos; it’s best only for promotion and participation.
  • Since you do not reveal your face, you lose the potential to develop trust and relationships with your audience. Although it may be adequate if you utilize your own voice in every video.

Now that we know Vidnami’s disadvantages and advantages, one might want to consider buying it as per their requirements. Therefore, it’s important to consider its pricing.

Vidnami Pricing

The fee for Vidnami is either yearly or monthly. Actually, if you do not only look at the figures, it will be fairly inexpensive for the amount of material that you can generate.

A membership that you can cancel at all times costs $47 for the basic pricing in the monthly plan. Similarly, the pricing for a year is $397. This makes it value for money.

So, if you are someone who is just getting to know Vidnami, it’s best that you go for a monthly plan. On the other hand, if you are have some experience with other tools and loving the Vidnami’s monthly version, it’s best to buy an annual premium plan.

Can I create videos in Vidnami Instantly?

Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this. When we compare it with the usual method we edit films it works really quickly! For instance – 

You may use software editing to produce a video yourself, depending on your abilities, mood and discipline, for 6-8 hours to 3 days.

However, This does not take account of the actual recording, preparation, writing and so on of your material beforehand.

On the other hand, It takes around only 30 minutes to create a video using Vidnami if we do not take a script into account before you start creating videos.

Thus, it is clear that you can generate 16-48 times more videos using Vidnami provided you have scripts ready in the same period if you have a strategy to release videos regularly and consistently!

Final Verdict Vidnami Review 2022

Vidnami is worth it if you want to generate quality video content. However, it’s best if you can utilise and understand it properly at first. Moreover, Vidnami is the best available in the market if you want to create videos superfast for marketing and engagement. We hope you like our post on Vidnami Review. If you need any other guidance, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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