Wix Review 2023 – Everything You Wanted to Learn About

Do you know that 75% of customers admit to judging a brand’s credibility based on its website designs?

In today’s competitive era, having your business on the internet is essential for long-term growth. Whether you want to improve your revenues or boost your brand presence, having a website is the first critical step. There are two ways to build a website – from scratch through coding or website development platforms.

Most businesses nowadays prefer building websites through dedicated platforms. It is one of the most preferred and well-known website development platforms. Today’s blog is all about Wix. We’ll explore the platform in detail and learn if it’s worth building a website from or not. So without any wait, let’s get to the topic!

Overview of Wix

Created in 2006, It is a website development and content management software. This tool allows you to create a complete website without the need to code. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, you can design any website and blog on Wix.

If it is so popular, it is because it offers a large variety of templates. With these templates, you can create a website with an attractive website design, great responsiveness, translated into several languages, optimized for SEO, etc. All in a very simple way, so that even a beginner can use it.

Besides, you can also perform blogging on Wix by creating a blog-centric website. Like other similar software, Wix offers a free version as well as several premium versions. Today, the company has more than 200 million users worldwide. With many features and an integrated hosting solution, Wix is now a serious alternative to the unbeatable WordPress!

What Are Some Key Features of Wix?

The most prominent reason why Wix is among the top website development platforms is its large feature catalog. Here are some of the key features of it which make it worth trying out:

#1 Blog Integration or Blogging website

Is Wix good for blogging? Yes, absolutely! Wix provides you with an extensive blog feature. You can fit your blogs seamlessly into your website. Besides, you can also create a new website solely dedicated to blogs. Wix offers a wide range of website templates for blog-centric websites. If you plan to create your first blogging website, It is the platform you might want to use.

Similar to WordPress, Wix lets you schedule posts and publish them on a specific date. This increases your flexibility immensely. Interacting with your audience is an essential part of growing your blogs on Wix. Wix ensures that providing a comment function to your blogging website. Your posts can even be commented on via Facebook or through email.

#2 Create an Online Shop

The online store feature is one of the centerpieces of the Wix platform. If you have selected a plan within the “Business & eCommerce” category, it’s available to you without restriction. The design and construction of an online store created with Wix are impressive.

Besides, the overall setup process is straightforward, unlike many website-building websites. When it comes to building an online ecommerce store, there are numerous options available to you. Some of them are as follows:

  • Different payment methods, such as PayPal or even offline payments.
  • Easily create coupons or discount codes
  • The entire shop administration is centrally located in one place
  • Tax rates can be quickly adapted to different regions
  • Fast import of new items, as the product details can be imported as a CSV file
  • Customers have the possibility to create their own account
  • Showcase your content with Wix free blog templates

If you want to create an online store for your ecommerce business, Wix could be a great option. It’s easy to use, and any beginner can easily create any type of website or store with it.

#3 SEO Advantage

Building website authority is every brand’s major objective. However, before website authority, it’s essential to work on online presence. SEO is an organic method of growing an online presence and therefore building authority. With Wix, you don’t have to run the extra mile for SEO. Wix offers some out of the box SEO features, such as:

  • The ability to add meta tags (important for verification with Google Search Console)
  • 301 redirects
  • Indexing settings for the entire website (so you can set whether your own website should appear on Google or not)
  • Indexing settings for individual subpages (to prevent individual pages from being listed on Google, e.g., imprint or privacy policy)
  • Set meta title and meta description (for the home page and individual subpages)
  • Set alt text for images
  • A sitemap

SEO indeed takes time but gives long-lasting benefits such as higher rankings, greater authority, and so much more. With the SEO features Wix offers, your basic optimization will be taken care of. So all you need to take care of is advanced optimization to enjoy greater rankings. Besides, Wix for bloggers is best as it will not just give them a platform to showcase their content but also the ability to get an audience.

#4 Visitor Statistics & Insights

Within the Wix backend, you are provided with extensive statistics about your visitors and sales. Do you know what Wix charges for providing these details? Absolutely nothing! The visitor statistics will be perfectly sufficient for 99% of all webmasters, as they include not only simple page visits but also other data such as the bounce rate or submitted forms.

These visit data tracking functions make third-party tracking software such as Google Analytics or Matomo completely superfluous. Most beginners who are new to website development don’t know much about Google Analytics or other software. Following the data provided by Wix will be sufficient to optimize the website for better results.

Pros And Cons of Wix Website Builder

By now, we have gotten through the basics of Wix. We hope you now know what Wix is and its fantastic features. This is where things will become a little more interesting. The only thing that might be stopping you from investing in Wix is a “question mark.” Why build a website with Wix? Make a decision based on the pros and cons we have shared below:


  • Steep learning curve

The biggest advantage of Wix is that you just have to register to start creating your site. Its drag-and-drop system and intuitive interface make it easy to track your learning curve. It only takes about two hours to test its functions and options in order to master the platform.

  • No worries about Hostings

One of the first problems we face during a website creation is the choice of a hosting or web hosting service. With Wix, that’s no longer a problem. Indeed, by registering on this service, you immediately receive a space to host your site created on the platform.

  • No need to know how to program

Anyone can use Wix to create a website and get satisfactory results in a short time. It is not necessary to know how to code or to have special knowledge of web creation. The options and tools offered by Wix allow you to use them simply and intuitively.

  • Access to image galleries

Wix’s services offer access to many image galleries where one can find pictures to include on the site without copyright issues. In addition, Wix offers an integrated image editor in order to modify, improve and adapt them correctly to the site in a personalized way.

  • Background videos

One of the most interesting features that Wix offers is to include animated backgrounds on the site, using videos. It is thus possible to create unique and spectacular websites that will stand out from the competition.


  • Optimize loading time

Loading speed is another weak point of Wix. Websites created on this platform encounter some loading and delay issues, which has a negative impact on the user experience.

  • Issues on mobile devices

Although its templates are responsive, websites created on Wix still have some incompatibilities on mobile devices. The platform seeks to solve these problems, but Wix remains, today, less recommended for mobile-friendly websites.

  • Shared host

Although the hosting provided by Wix is free, it’s shared hosting. This means that the server resources are shared with the other sites that it hosts. This leads to slower load times and possible security issues (an issue that affects another user will cause an impact on other sites hosted on that server).

Who Should Choose Wix? 

Wix is a complete solution for creating a website from scratch. Thus, it is suitable for all people wishing to build a website, whether they are individuals or professionals. However, this platform primarily caters to e-merchants, site publishers, and web agencies.

For e-merchants, Wix is a complete solution for creating an online store. Indeed, the platform allows you to add unlimited products on e-commerce. Next to it, it also handles one-time or subscription payments. In addition, the software automatically calculates VAT, sends cart reminder emails, etc.

As far as web agencies are concerned, Wix presents itself as a straightforward platform for creating showcase sites. It will be enough for an agency that has just started in the market to create a professional showcase site. Use the many templates available on the platform and make things even more simpler!

About site builders, Wix is an excellent alternative to creating a large site with several thousand pages. Here too, you can take advantage of templates to design and responsive websites. In addition, this platform is fully optimized for SEO. It is, therefore, an all-in-one solution to create a real authority site!

Final Words

If you want to create an intuitive, SEO-friendly, and interactive website, Wix could be a great choice of platform. It’s used by many big unicorn startups, which now are some huge brands. For anyone starting out in ecommerce, Wix is an ideal platform to build websites or stores.

It’s easy to use, and a clean website interface will allow you to create websites in less than a day. Isn’t that so cool? So what are you waiting for now? Try Wix and share your experience with us in the comment section!

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