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Ways to Translate Youtube Comments to Your Language & Reply in Seconds

Translate Youtube Comments For a while, suppose you are watching a really enticing youtube video. You thought if the video is so interesting, why not give a read to the comments as well? You opened the comments and didn’t understand a word. The reason why you didn’t understand anything is that the comments are not in your native language. But you really wish to read other people’s opinions and revert to them, so what to do?

In that case, you will certainly look for a way to translate youtube comments in an instant. Apart from comments, sometimes even the youtube video language is hard to comprehend. In such a situation, you would love to translate a youtube video into English or the language you are fluent in.

In this article, we are going to cover two main topics, i.e. how to translate youtube comments and reply to them without an issue. While scrolling through the article, you will find sure-shot ways to translate youtube video comments without hassle. We will even talk about a bunch of extensions that help auto-translate YouTube comments. Let’s move to the main topic without any ado:

How to Translate Youtube Comments?

We understand you might be facing trouble translating youtube comments into another language. In this section, we will deeply cover how to do so and easily read the comments.

Youtube Translation Feature

Youtube is a vast platform, and thousands of videos are uploaded daily. The content creators on Youtube belong to different sects, cities and countries. They generally post videos in their mother tongue. For viewers from another country, it becomes hard to decipher or change youtube comment translation language.

Even Youtube was aware of this issue; thus, they devised an effective solution. They launched a feature called “Youtube Translation” also called youtube auto translate. It allows translating the comments in a single click while using youtube on the phone. The translation feature allows translating youtube comments into nearly 100 languages. The languages included are Urdu, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc. But there is one drawback as this feature works only on phones and not on desktop versions.

You might ask, what do I do if I watch a youtube video on my desktop? Don’t worry; we will answer it shortly. Meanwhile, let’s talk about Youtube’s translation feature and how it works.

Follow the below steps to translate comments on youtube:

● Open Youtube Application on your phone
● Search for the video you wish to see and open it up
● Move to the comment section, and you will see Translate to English (or your preferred language) under the comments which aren’t in your selected language
● Click on Translate to English, and the language in comments will be translated in seconds to your native one.
● For example, if your native language is Spanish and the language set in the Youtube app is also the same, but the comment is in English, then the option will appear like “Translate to Spanish.”
● To check the original comment, click on “See Original”, and the comment will be translated back.
● Just the way you translated youtube comments following the above approach, similarly translate replies as well

Isn’t it simple? Now you can interact without any trouble with the vast youtube community & leverage youtube comment translation feature.

Moreover, Youtube states – “Translated comments are returned in the language that’s automatically detected based on various signals such as your language, location, and recently watched videos. These signals show comments in the language that best matches you. This language may not be the same as the one in settings.”

You might ask – Are the translated youtube comments upto the mark?

If you look closely at the translated comments, their translation sometimes seems off-topic. You might happen to pinpoint some errors also, but still, the youtube translation feature is very helpful. Due to this, you no longer need to do any guesswork.

Steps to Change Translate Language in Youtube Comments on Desktop Version

We know what your next question is, and it sounds like this – Okay, I am sorted in case of using the Youtube application on my phone, but what to do if I am using the desktop version of Youtube and want to translate the comments? Don’t fret; we have the appropriate solution for it. Let’s begin with it.

As you know, Youtube Translation’s feature becomes futile when using Youtube’s desktop version. In that case, using the chrome extension is the right solution. There is an extension that facilitates the automatic translation of youtube comments in a single click by using Google Translate API.

Follow the below steps to see it running:

● In google chrome, search “Chrome Extensions”. Once it opens, go to its search bar and enter “Youtube Comment Translate”. The extension will show up.

● Hit the button with the name “Add to Chrome” on it.

● A pop-up box will open asking, “Add to extension”. Hit on it, and the extension file will start downloading and get installed as a chrome extension.

● Now you are all set. Open any youtube video of your choice and scroll through its comments section.

● Right after the username of the commentator, you will see the option “Translate”. Whenever you click on it, the comment will get translated to the language set by you in the Youtube settings. To see the original comment again, click on Undo and have a look.

Now the question is, What if you wish to translate comments to another language instead of the one selected in youtube settings? Or what if you want to change youtube translate language in comments? Here is the solution for it:

● Click on the chrome extensions icon, which looks zigzag-shaped in gray color on the right corner at the top of the screen. Once you click on it, the complete list of extensions will show up.

● Scroll and find the extension “YouTube Comment Translate”. Hit on it to have a look at the different actions you can do in it.

● A new page will open up containing the list of options. Go to the option called “Target Language”, and a pop-up will open and in the target language (country code) box, type in the code of the language in which you wish to see translated comments. For example, if you want to translate comments into French, type “fr” in the box and click save.

Also, if, in any case, you face trouble in finding the code of your native language, then search online.

Your next question might be – what if I also want to revert to the comments on the Youtube video?

Don’t fret; we heard you and the following talks about the solution.

How To Reply to The Youtube Comments Translated Before?

Youtube comment translation is no more handy when you wish to revert the comments. For that, make use of Google Translate. Follow the below steps:

● Go to Youtube and select the video you wish to see

● Copy the text of the comment to which you want to revert

● On the other hand, open Google Translate and paste the copied text into the text box. Google translate will automatically detect the language or hit the detect language button to find the language in which the comment is.

● Once you know the language of the comment, then, in the right box, select the language in which you want to read the comment. For example, if google translate detected Spanish as the language of the comment and your native language is English, then in the right box, select the language English.

● Once you understand the comment, you can begin writing the appropriate reply. Start writing your reply in the right box, and after finishing it up, hit the right and left arrow icons shown in the middle on the top-hand side of the left and right box. Once you click on it, the comment (which means your reply) will be translated back to the original language (the language in which the comment originally was).

Isn’t it really easy, like a cakewalk? Yes, it certainly is. Read on further to read a bonus tip and make commenting on Youtube easier.

We understand how hard replying to comments on Youtube is. So we have come up with an appropriate solution. Using this solution, you need not repeatedly type comments and waste your precious time.

Make use of Tubebuddy’s Canned Response feature. Using this feature, create a range of personalized messages in your wording and save them. After saving them, you are free to use them time and again whenever needed.

Through the Canned Response feature, revert to the comments using pre-written messages rather than typing a different reply every time. Moreover, the responses added this way seem both professional and realistic.

Final Words

As now you have understood different ways of translating youtube comments, reading and replying to them is easier. After reading the above two ways, your question about how to translate youtube comments will be answered. Also, if you have any other doubts about translating youtube comments or videos, let us know. Moreover, if you find anyone else struggling with changing translation language in youtube comments, share this article with them. Meanwhile, have a happy surfing time.

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