Duda Website Builder - Pricing, Features, Plans, Comparison And Everything

Duda Website Builder – Pricing, Features, Plans, Comparison And Everything

Do you know that online shoppers have increased by 40% over the last five years?

As we enter 2023, If your business isn’t online, you can never be at the top. Getting your business on the web starts with creating a website. A website is the online face of your brand. Besides, for a professional, it’s a way to showcase their offerings.

When it comes to creating a brand website, there are many website builders available on the internet; Duda, for example. Duda has been a popular choice for brands and individuals who want to build websites. One can easily create a website with it without any complexities. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Overview of Duda – What Exactly is it?

Duda is an excellent tool for businesses and individuals looking to create a fully functional online website. If you are a freelancer or a brand looking to expand your reach on the internet, Duda can help you with that. In addition to offering exceptional website-building features, Duda widget builder provides some unique features as well. For example, with its client management features, one can transform the quality of their professional services. The best part about Duda is its designs.

Duda is a perfect choice for brands looking to build an attractive website without undergoing the whole coding part. Instead of overwhelming you with choices, the wonderfully designed Duda website templates offer you a helping hand with structural design. Now an important fact you should know about Duda is that it’s not cheap. It offers multiple plans, the cost of which can be a little more than what other brands offer. But at least they are giving value for the money they charge, which not every website builder out there believes in.

How Many Plans Does Duda Widget Builder Offer?

If you plan to go with Duda for website development, you might want to know about the pricing details. Duda widget builder offers four premium plans. These are Basic Plan, Team Plan, Agency Plan and Custom Plan. Following are the details of each of these plans:

#1 Basic Plan

The basic plan of the Duda widget builder, as the name says, comes with the basic premium features of Duda. There are some strong sets of features and offerings that are provided in this plan. For example, SEO is an integrated feature that comes with each website you create using the basic plan. With SEO advantage, your website can rank higher on search engines. Below are other key offers of the basic plan.

Key Offerings

● With the basic plan, you can not just create websites but also host them using the Duda-provided hosting service.
● Users get cloud hosting from Amazon Web Services or AWS.
● You get email support in this plan. But it’s only from the Duda Support Team.
● There are multiple personalisation features, such as pop-up windows, to create an attractive and brand-tailored website.
● All websites are encrypted with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS for enhanced website security.


The pricing for the basic plan starts at just $14/month if billed annually. In the case of monthly billing, the cost increases by $19/month.

#2 Team Plan

The Team plan of the Duda widget builder includes almost all the team collaboration and core features that are provided in the basic plan. However, all these features come with additions and critical updates. This means they are better than the version offered in the Basic plan. Moreover, users also get multiple advanced tools and client management features in the team plan. Some other offers are as follows.

Key Offerings

● You can add more websites to the Duda team plan at a cheaper cost than the basic Duda plan. It’s just $9.75/month, which is $14.25 in the basic plan.
● With a team plan, there are more options to connect with the Duda Support Team, such as Email, chat and phone calls.
● Duda team plan allows users to collect business information from their own base and that of clients.
● You can collaborate with upto four members of your team by using the limited access feature
● With the shareable assets feature, users can create, save and share personalised Duda website templates with other team members


The team plan costs around $22/month if you choose to bill annually. Moreover, if you go with monthly billing, the cost increases to $29/month. Just like the basic plan, the team plan offers only one website creation and management.

#3 Agency Plan

The agency plan of the Duda widget builder is better than the basic and team plan. It includes all the features of both these plans as well as some additional features and benefits. For example, you can build and manage 4 websites, which is just one in case of basic and team plans. With that said, let’s have a look at other key offerings of the agency plan by Duda.

Key Offerings

● With the agency plan, priority assistance is offered for email, chat and phone support
● You get the build-support for upto four website
● Users can give access to upto ten team members or clients simultaneously
● White-label client access, statistics and analytics
● White-label marketing and sales materials


The agency plan costs $44/month if you opt for annual billing. In the case of monthly billing, the cost is raised to $59/month. The plan includes a total of four websites, which you can build and manage.

#4 Custom Plan

If you want to create a website that’s tailored to your needs, the custom plan of Duda widget builder is perfect for you. However, you cannot directly purchase this plan from the platform. You need to go to the CONTACT US section on the pricing page and fill out the form. There will be a small number of details you need to fill in. Once done, customer support will contact you and assist you with your Duda custom plan purchase.

Key Offerings

● Since it’s a custom plan, you have the facility to include as many websites as you want.
● The custom plan comes with 24/7 dedicated customer support via chat, call and email
● You can give dashboard access to an unlimited number of team members
● Users are offered with advanced white-label client access along with custom CSS
● Unlimited “Dynamic pages”, Single Sign-On and API calls


The pricing of the custom Duda plan can range from customer to customer, depending upon unique needs. Although you need to contact the team Duda for the exact plan cost, an average price is somewhere around $499/month. The price can increase depending upon your needs for customisation.

Comparison of Duda With Other Industry-leading Website Builders

Duda Duda widget builder is undoubtedly a great platform for building websites. But is it the best option? With available choices such as WordPress and Shopify, is it worth choosing Duda? That can only be determined with the help of comparison. Let’s now compare Duda with some popular choices of website builders online!

Duda VS WordPress
WordPress is one of the oldest platforms for website creation. Unlike Duda, it follows the concept of manual coding to personalise your website and make it look live. There are basic templates which probably have been used by millions of WordPress users. On the other hand, Duda website templates offer an interactive and clean interface for website creation. But if we look at both Duda and wordpress from a goodwill and reliability perspective, wordpress outranks Duda. Even though Duda is less popular, it has got some really impressive features for website creation.

Duda VS Shopify
Shopify has got a larger user base compared to Duda. From the perspective of reliability, more people would choose Shopify than Duda. The reason being the industry capture. Duda is still an on growing platform, whereas Shopify is an established one with impressive brand value. Duda beats Shopify in terms of plans and pricing. Compared to Shopify, Duda offers better premium plans. In addition, the cost of these plans are pretty economical compared to Shopify, as well. One can easily afford the custom plan of Duda; the advanced plan, on the other hand, of Shopify goes beyond the budget.

Final Words

Creating a website is the first step towards establishing a presence on the internet. When it comes to website creation, Duda can help you a lot. It’s a website-building platform which is as good as Shopify or WordPress. Above, we have shared almost every important detail about the platform. It will help you decide if it’s indeed an ideal choice for your website demands.

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