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NordVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN Comparison of the Top VPN Providers in 2022

Within the last few months, the VPN industry and its top companies have undergone a significant transformation, with all the top-rated VPN service providers in the USA announcing major changes in corporate ownership and operational policies. Even though Norton VPN and NordVPN are well-known VPN brands in the world still they are worth comparing because of their dominance in the VPN market as a whole. The following is an updated stack of evaluations and reviews of the existing competitive landscape. 

Nord VPN

Nord VPN’s status as the top-rated VPN 2022 is because of its strong value-for-money ratio. Compared to other VPN service providers in the USA, you wouldn’t find VPN services anywhere that offers more than NordVPN does, and as cheap as NordVPN does it. Be it the best free VPN for USA or paid one, a security breach is a serious issue for most VPN providers.

Still, paid Nord VPN provides little more privacy thanks to its 5,000 plus servers located across 60 countries, equipped with a strict zero-log policy and a jurisdiction in Panama. Additionally, NordVPN service providers in the USA have a kill switch on all platforms in order to shut down apps when VPN is disconnected and to protect data. Being among the top-rated VPN 2022, Nord VPN works more consistently with video streaming services.

It is perfectly compatible with Linux, windows, ios, android, proxy servers, routers, and NAS. The Nord VPN is the top-rated VPN 2022 for privacy because it allows users to VPN into the TOR network. The NordVPN service speed is reliably fast and doesn’t experience sudden dips or service interruptions. At present, NordVPN offers a two-year VPN subscription plan at $3.67 a month or $99 for two years.  

Norton Secure VPN

Norton VPN is among the top-rated VPNs in 2022 because it’s on par with other mid-tier VPNs in terms of speed and performance. Norton VPN is ideal for business organizations because it allows the option to connect with up to 10 different devices simultaneously with an additive layer of Antivirus.

Norton VPN service providers in the USA are the best option for Microsoft Windows users because it offers great performance on windows pc. Norton VPN is the best paid, not the best free VPN for the USA because it enables global access to your favourite apps and websites while on the go, in addition to that, its encryption protocol help ensure the security of the information received and sent by your devices.

But, its standard AES-256 encryption doesn’t come with a kill switch which might lead to data leakage in the case of a VPN connection failure. At present, Norton VPN offers a $5 monthly plan where you are allowed to connect only one device at a time. 

The purpose of the best paid and best free VPN for USA users is to hide your online activity and to safeguard your devices against hackers and malware-infected public networks. Other than that, the top-rated VPN 2022 also helps you mask and hide your actual IP address, internet browsing activity, and personal information while connected with an unsecured public WiFi network. They allow you to access content across regional boundaries without hassle. 

Please note that the above blog only discusses two major products viz NordVPN and Norton VPN which are not among the best free VPN for USA users, they are paid VPNs. But, who receives the tag of the best VPN 2022? According to us, after comparing various parameters of the top-rated VPN 2022, NordVPN outperformed Norton VPN by a significant magnitude and on several parameters. 


With the NordVPN service providers in the USA, users get a comprehensive set of features with top-notch security at a good price tag when compared to Norton VPN. The Nord VPN service providers in the USA provide 6 simultaneous connections as a part of their package which is useful for you and your family when operating via different devices simultaneously. 

However, the best VPN service providers in the USA might differ based on your personal service experience, region, and requirements. If you are looking for more in-depth information on VPNs, we strongly recommend you read other detailed blogs on You can also leave a comment or get in touch with us. 

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