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Is Vidiq Safe, Youtube Certified Extension & Free to Use

Attractive visuals and engaging video contents help you better communicate your ideas to your viewers. Gaining more views and spreading your content are the key objectives of the whole game. So, the goal is to ensure your content reaches the appropriate people. You need SEO strategies to improve content visibility and relevant tools. So, if you’ve created a YouTube channel, uploaded a few videos, gained your first few subscribers, and received several views, then it’s the correct time to use your secret tool to increase the organic growth of the channel.

VidIQ, in my opinion, is a very valuable tool that you should consider using if you frequently upload videos on YouTube. It is essential for all YouTube content creators, YouTube marketers, SEO experts, digital firms, start-up brands, etc. Now, let’s get into its unique features and the concerns of users in more detail!

What are the Primary Concerns of YouTube video Creators using vidIQ?

Data security is the main concern of mostly all video creators using various tools. Many tools are available that make several promises but do not stick to any of those. Users have been reporting more recent data breaches, and most of the time, it was because they selected an unsafe tool or chrome extension.

However, that is not the case with vidIQ, as many trustworthy creators are using it, and nobody has reported any security-related issues. VidIQ is recognized by YouTube, as YouTube certification is only given to trusted tools; this may be sufficient evidence to establish its authenticity.

What is vidIq: A Small Overview

VidIQ is an effective tool that can guide content creators in optimizing their YouTube videos for maximum visibility and interaction. Users may monitor the success of their videos, analyze their audience, and plan their content strategies with the help of a vidIQ tool and analytics.

VidIQ Chrome Extension

The VidIQ Chrome Extension is ideal for a single publisher or a digital marketing company that oversees a client’s YouTube channel. It can increase your channel’s visibility if used wisely. A number of the top YouTubers with millions of subscribers use VidIQ. Here we have mentioned two peculiar features of vidIQ below-

VidIQ Video Scorecard

You can find all the information on each YouTube video you need on the VidIQ scorecard. You may dig deep into the analytics on social interactions and the SEO created around the video, including tags, titles, and descriptions. To determine whether the creator has taken all necessary procedures, there is also a checklist for optimizing videos. You can view even more statistics about your videos by using this video scorecard.

VidIQ Competitor TooL

The VidIQ Competitor Tool gives you an exclusive insider view of what your rivals use to appear at the top and attract viewers and subscribers.

How to use vidIQ? 

Once you give VidIQ access to your data, they guarantee not to sell or remove your content and not to share it with any parties. By examining your channel analytics, it recommends suitable keywords and video tags for you. It assists you in keeping track of your position in the YouTube search for the selected keywords. This tool has assisted YouTube publishers in achieving their goals. There are two ways to get started; both can provide useful knowledge.

If you set a password that is hard to crack, you will never have a problem with hackers accessing your VidIQ account.

Moreover, you can also set up your YouTube account through two-factor authentication. This is necessary to prevent hacking of both your YouTube account and your VidIQ account and keep both accounts secure.

Is it safe to use vidIQ? 

Yes, using VidIQ is completely secure. Over 2 million YouTube creators use VidIQ, a chrome extension approved by YouTube and has been around for years. It suits professional YouTubers who want to increase productivity and accelerate organic channel growth by comparing their channel statistics to current YouTube analytics data.

Final Thoughts

A useful, free tool that YouTubers may utilize to get an insight into how they’re doing to expand their channel is the VidIQ Chrome Extension. Many would agree that it’s the perfect tool for YouTube creators to analyze keywords and find topics for videos that are common with viewers.

The options it provides will unquestionably help you fine-tune and optimize your channel to gain more visitors and interest and see your channel expand over time. Overall, the vidIQ Chrome extension will also give your video’s percentage values next to them, which you’ll notice once you install it.


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