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The 5 Best Logitech iPad Keyboards Review

If you type on your touchscreen or integrated keyboard all day, it may not be sufficient for your work. Therefore, it requires a wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboards connect to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth to facilitate typing. They are more compact, comfortable, and space-effective than standard wired keyboards.

Because of technological advancements, iPad keyboard Logitech are becoming increasingly cordless, culminating in the rise and adoption of Logitech  Wireless Keyboard. Thus, all you have to do now is activate the Bluetooth function on your device and connect it with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, as Bluetooth technology is already built into most gadgets.

5 Best Ipad Keyboard Logitech At Competitive Prices

Combo Touch

logitech ipad keyboardsThe Combo Touch iPad keyboard comes in two versions: one for the 10.2″ iPad and another for the 10.5-inch (2017) Pro. Moreover, It is engineered with the dimensions of length – 2.25cm, height – 19.5cm, and width – 25.7cm. Full multi-touch capabilities transform the iPad into a productive computer for spreadsheets and documents, a powerful remote classroom learning instrument, and much more—the opportunities are limitless.

Quick Features

  • The highly precise trackpad increases productivity.
  • Backlight keys with customizable brightness and iOS shortcut keys.
  • The Smart Connector eliminates the need for a battery.
  • Adjustable kickstand to hold the screen while switching between typing, viewing, sketching, and reading modes.
  • A durable mechanical hinge with a 40-degree tilt range.


  • Firstly, the Detachable iPad keyboard Logitech
  • Secondly, Dynamic backlight
  • Connect the keyboard and trackpad with a smart connector and you do not have to be charged.
  • The smooth and responsive glass trackpad 
  • Case with a built-in stand for protection.
  • Loop for Apple Pencil.
  • Additional settings and firmware updates are available via the app.
  • Lastly, Fully supported multitouch gestures


  • Bulky Case
  • Not so lightweight
  • Lack of Keyboard storage after separation
  • A bit costlier than the previous generation.

The iPad Combo Touch has been developed to appear and experience like a natural progression to your iPad. Once you have felt the high-quality materials and heard the remarks of strange friends and colleagues, you will wonder how you ever survived without them.

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Rugged Folio

logitech ipad keyboards

The Rugged Folio, designed with the dimensions of length – ‎26 cm, height – 2.4 cm, and width – 18.9 cm for the iPad (7th and 8th generation), is a compact iPad keyboard case with military-grade security. It employs Smart Connector functionality, which eliminates the need for pairing or charging. This is the ideal tool for on-the-go operations, thanks to its excellent efficiency spill and dirt-resistant sealed keys. A full-size keyboard featuring iPadOS shortcut keys, front, and rear iPad shielding, and a handy place to store your Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil are all included.

Quick Features

  • Adaptable to every situation or task. Due to the availability of Type Mode, Viewing Mode, Sketch Mode, and Read Mode.
  • The versatile kickstand can tilt up to 40-degrees.
  • Innovative shock-absorbent to outperform military drop testing.
  • The keyboard connects to the iPad instantaneously, with no need for complicated Bluetooth pairing.
  • The iOS KEYS SHORTCUT is designed to operate with the Apple Pencil (1st gen) and the Logitech Crayon (1st gen).


  • Robust, high-performance coverage shield.
  • Works with one click to power and connects with the device. 
  • Users can bring their favourite stylus with them on the go thanks to an inbuilt stylus holder.
  • The iPad keyboard Logitech contains an array of iOS function keys for your convenience, like Home, Screen Brightness, Siri, etc. When not in use, a robust magnetic locking system keeps the front covers secured.


  • The volume is a bit hard to push the ports and buttons.
  • It’s a little heavy.
  • Lack of a backlit keyboard case.

Users can bring their favourite stylus with them on the go thanks to an inbuilt stylus holder. This is silent too, so you’re not going to bother other people. The multi-device Bluetooth keyboard contains an array of iOS function keys for your convenience, like Home, Screen Brightness, Siri, etc. When not in use, a robust magnetic locking system keeps the front covers secured.

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Logitech Slim Folio

logitech ipad keyboards

Now you can experience laptop-like typing on your iPad (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th generation) or iPad Air everywhere you go (3rd gen). This device is all-in-one, making it simple to use and handle while also safeguarding the iPad from jerks and damage. The Slim Folio secures the iPad in a perfect position for typing, viewing, or sketching regardless of where you need to get your tasks completed – the backyard, a desk, or even your lap.

Quick Features

  • High-quality iPad keyboards are engineered with dimensions of length – 0.2 cm, height-25.7 cm, and width – 18.5 cm.
  • A wide range of shortcut keys for iPadOS-specific actions.
  • It holds the iPad at a 58° angle in Type Mode, which is ideal for working with the keyboard. 
  • Similarly, It holds the iPad at a comfortable 10° angle, perfect for watching TV, taking notes, drawing, and more.
  • It wraps around the iPad to shield it from shocks, damage, and spills. 
  • A light frame and keyboard module on the interior guarantee structural stability without adding weight to the iPad.


  • Provides an ideal bounce every time after touching a key, allowing you to type quickly and accurately. 
  • Comfortable with light typing.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • The intelligent on/off feature turns on and shuts down the iPad automatically.


  • The keys have a bit of a loose sensation.
  • Leakage of backlight
  • Sometimes the letters are doubled.

The Slim Folio isn’t only for graduating students; it can help you stay professional throughout your career, and it’s incredibly beneficial if you work from home. Transform your iPad into a laptop in seconds, allowing you to type notes, make video calls, collaborate via virtual whiteboarding sessions, and more from anywhere in your home.

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Logitech K480 – iPad Keyboards

logitech ipad keyboards

The K480 is a space-saving multi-device keyboard with a dimension of length – 30.99 cm, height – 4.09 cm, and breadth – 20.1 cm that improves typing on a laptop, tablet, or phone. This multi-device Bluetooth keyboard has been deliberately developed to be exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting, allowing everyone to achieve more from anywhere.

Quick Features

  • Engineered with a computer, tablet, and smartphone wireless desk capability.
  • To switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices, simply turn the dial on the iPad keyboard Logitech K480.
  • All of the shortcut keys are available.
  • This keyboard is compatible with Windows 7 or later version, Mac OS X or later, iOS 5 or later; Android 3.2 or later version.


  • Three devices can be linked using the Bluetooth connection.
  • Multi device keyboard Integrated with an easy-switch dial. 
  • Integrated cradle to give an ideal angle for mobile devices.


  • Can be an awful typing experience.
  • Low-cost plastic material in the product.
  • There aren’t many choices for personalization.

The K480 is engineered to certain high standards of quality and dependability that have made Logitech the world’s leading mouse and keyboard manufacturer. Battery life can last up to 24 months, depending on usage and computing settings and conditions. With a convenient on/off switch and power-saving features that extend battery life, it minimizes the inconvenience of regular battery changes. K480 has also been spill-resistant tested in certain circumstances.

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Logitech Folio Touch – iPad Keyboards

The Folio Touch is an unbelievably multipurpose iPad Air keyboard case designed with the dimensions of 19.3 x 2.03 x 25.65 cm, allowing you to type, see and doodle. It makes you capable of using the iPad in completely different ways, with a flexible kickstand, a backlit keyboard case, a folding keyboard, and a high-precision control pad for your favorite apps.

Quick Features

  • It makes you use all of the multi-touch gesture controls you’re familiar with, such as swiping, and scrolling, to navigate the iPad Pro more quickly.
  • The luminous settings are adjustable if you require more or less light.
  • A large, spacious keyboard with a full range of iPadOS shortcut keys.
  • It allows you to work on your iPad Pro in one of four different modes: type, sketch, view, or read.
  • The 40° range of angle kickstand combines with the folding keyboard in a real-view and sketch mode.
  • The Smart Connector automatically connects the Folio Touch. There is no need to charge the iPad Pro because it gets its power directly from it.
  • A protective case protects the iPad Pro from knocks and scrapes. On the go, a secure magnetic clasp keeps it shut.
  • The Folio Touch provides the space to place the Logitech Pencil or charge the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil in this case.


  • It automatically adjusts backlit keys to the brightness of the area. 
  • Spacious keys of the smart keyboard allow you to type quickly and with precise convenience.
  • The Smart Connector is usable to connect the backlit keyboard.
  • It’s easy to type on, and the brightness settings are adjustable.
  • There is a complete row of shortcut keys as well as a trackpad.


  • Because of the compact keys, your fingers may become tired when typing.
  • Not as powerful and versatile as other iPad keyboards.
  • The Kickstand sometimes has a bit of “bounce.”
  • It can be difficult to pick up much text by using the trackpad.
  • Difficult to use on the lap.
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These are the 5 Best ipad keyboard logitech, engineered with the purpose of ensuring you can operate conveniently even from a distance on your monitor screen. The best aspect of using a Bluetooth keyboard is that it will increase your productivity.

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Best Logitech iPad Keyboards 

Many of us work on iPads for professional and personal use. However, using the touchscreen for typing can be stressful. It is far easier to use a wireless keyboard with your iPad. This allows you to work long hours without hurting your wrists and fingers.

Logitech is a popular PC manufacturer in the global market that sells budget-friendly and high-end computer accessories. This Logitech iPad keyboard review by Dhymi Digital lists the best Bluetooth keyboards to connect to your iPads.

Best Logitech Wireless Keyboards 

  • Combo Touch (10.2” & 10.5” Pro)

It is an efficient keyboard with great precision and a Smart Connector. This reduces the need for using a battery to power the keyboard. It has iOS-compatible shortcut keys.

The keyboard also has backlights with customizable brightness. You can work anywhere and at any time of the day. There’s a user-friendly stand for the screen as you work on the keyboard. This turns your iPad into a notebook with a 40-degree tilt range.

Get firmware updates for the keyboard directly through the mobile app. However, the keyboard is heavy and a bit expensive.

  • SLIM FOLIO PRO (11”) 

This spacious keyboard has a full row of iOS shortcut keys and backlights. It is scratch-resistant and can sustain spills (be careful not to drop it, though). It has a magnetic latch on the cover to keep the keyboard secure when traveling.

True to its name, this model is lightweight and slim. That said, it is sturdy and suitable for daily use. The battery life is long and can last up to three months with a single recharge (depending on the usage). Recharging the keyboard is easy, even when on the go.

  • Rugged Folio 

This is the best Logitech keyboard for iPad for those who are always on the go. The keyboard is compatible with 7th, 8th, and 9th-generation iPads. It comes with a durable and sturdy case that can sustain rough usage.

The keyboard is made of shock-absorbent technology and has survived military standard tests to prove its durability and sturdiness. Be it spilled drinks dirt, food crumbs, or other unforeseen accidents, the keyboard can pretty much handle all of it. With shortcut keys, Apple Pencil Holder, and a secure magnetic latch, the Rugged Folio is a worthy investment.

  • Folio Touch (11”)

This model uses Smart Connector to pair with the iPad and has multi-gesture controls. The keyboard is spacious enough to resemble a laptop while having military-grade protection features for durability.

The adjustable kickstand is convenient and sturdy. The keyboard has four usage modes and offers great typing speed and accuracy. The backlight is wonderful too. However, this one isn’t comfortable when placed on the lap.

All Logitech iPad keyboards are Climate Pledge Friendly.

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