Data analytics (analyzing data to get insights) are vital for influencers, marketers, and businesses. The advancement in technology has resulted in many analytical tools with extensive features. You can analyze websites, social media profiles, videos on YouTube, and just about anything by using an analytical tool.

Videolytics is one such wonderful tool developed by TubeBuddy. It is used and trusted by 10+ million content creators and brands from around the world. Leading platforms like BBC, eBay, Adobe, Nickelodeon, Fox Sports, etc., use the TubeBuddy Videolytics tool.

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What is TubeBuddy Videolytics Tool?

TubeBuddy is a powerful optimizing tool for the YouTube platform. Videolytics allows you to track your competitors’ YouTube channels and get a comprehensive understanding of their videos (views, shares, comments, likes, etc.)

The tool also provides the video’s SEO score and whether your video can overtake its position. The Best Practices checklist is for you to fine-tune your videos to get more views and increase the SEO score.

How to Use Videolytics? 

Install the TubeBuddy Videolytics chrome extension on your browser.

Open a YouTube page and wait for a few seconds.

The tool will collect information about the video and the YouTube channel.

The tool presents the details as a new panel on the right side of the screen. Click on it to open the interface.

Details such as

  • Total views for the video
  • Likes, comments, & shares
  • SEO rank
  • SEO score
  • Social media shares & mentions
  • Channel subscribers
  • Total views for all videos
  • Number of videos uploaded
  • Tags used by the creator
  • Best Practices

Are provided for you to analyze any YouTube video and its channel. There’s an option to copy the information and export it.

Videolytics Chrome Extension 

You can access the Videolytics Chrome extension by adding the TubeBuddy extension to your Google Chrome browser. The creators regularly update the tool to ensure accurate results and additional features.

TubeBuddy chrome extension has a 4.5-star rating by 8099 users. The extension has been downloaded by more than a million users. The current extension version is 1.45.1276 and was updated on 19th December 2022. The extension file size is 18.86MB.

TubeBuddy also offers paid subscriptions that unlock advanced features such as video optimization tools, bulk processing, A/B testing, and more. Choose TubeBuddy Pro, Star, or Legend plan based on your requirements.

You can also add the Videolytics Firefox extension to your Mozilla web browser. TubeBuddy can also be used as a mobile app on Apple and Android devices.

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